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Martijn van Herk

Morphix reorders the vertices of one model to match the vertex order of another model. This obviously only works for models which share the exact same number of vertices, edges and faces. Also, the topology of both objects have to be the same.

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The file contains rar files for both 3dsmax8 and 3dsmax9. Depending on the 3dsmax version you're using, extract either the max8 or max9 rar file in the root folder of 3dsmax and (re)start max. The script can then be assigned to a hotkey/toolbar/etc through the "Customize User Interface" dialog. The script is listed under the "MvH Tools" category.

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3dsmax 8/9
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unencripted version?

This is a great tool but I need to customize it for my own projects, is there a way I can get a non-encrypted version of the tool?

python modules would be great, maxscript version is also good.

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This script has literally saved me a heck of a ton time! Thank you Martijn!

Sergates's picture

Your are Genius

Man, thank you so much! Works Simply awesome in 3ds max 2017.
This saved me an hour of work. Reordered couple of vertexes to make morph work.

RVirus's picture

Can't make it work :(

So I'm still using actual max9, I have unpacked the stuff, copied it as xNewbx said and when I open the script in maxscripts the dialog windows shows up with a note: messagebox "The main functions of Morphix have not been initialized\nPlease reinstall the script and restart max." title:"Morphix"

I've also noticed that all files in stdscipts are . MS whereas the morphix one is .MSE

Any clues how to solve it? I could really use the help of such script
Thanks a lot

xNewbx's picture

Just extract the files from

Just extract the files from the .rar , then you will have to manually drop the .mse into the 3dsMax stdscripts subfolder and then drop the .mcr file into the 3dsMax MacroScripts folder.
After that next time you restart Max you should see it under Category as MvH Tools (in Customize User Interface) and simply assign it to a hotkey and get to using it.

(works for me and I'm using Max2016)

HarryPotter's picture

any chance we get this

any chance we get this working for Max2015-2016?
Thank you!!

onyxlee's picture

Please Help Me!

I chose master/slave heads, I clicked "check hints", I added "Element Hints", the program only allows me to add one. When I tried to add another one, it doesn't snap to any element, once I click, it canceled the operation of picking up an element.

So I clicked Process. It gave me this error message:

--Runtime error: EPoly vertex index out of range: <1 or >978: 0

978 is the vertex number of my both models.

Anyone? Please help me!

jister's picture

Just what i need

hey guys i got about 30 morph heads, now i see i forgot to model the mouth and stuff... so i added the inside for the mouth on my basic head and added (attached and weld) it in on the morph heads... offcourse the mesh is totaly screwed up now when morphing...

i hope THIS SCRIPT will save me from starting over... problem is i can't seem to get it installed? could someone do a step by step guide for me on getting this plugin to work... either 2012 or 2013 i good for me!

EDIT: ok found it in 2012, didn't seem to show up in the custom UI in 2013...

thanks a zillion


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I Really Need This - Need Help

I really need this to work. I have a huge morph target that I messed up the vert order on it will take me 1/2 a day to fix. I installed this in Max 2012 and was able to open it and select the master and slave. However I cannot select the Hints. I switched out of Nitros to Direct3D and the Hint helper (I'll call it) flashes when I roll over a face or vertex but I can't select anything and then the operation cancels.

I tried it in OpenGL even though it says it doesn't like OpenGL. No help. I don't have the "Software" driver option anymore in Max. Not sure when that disappeared. So, I'm stuck.

I did try to install into Max 2013 and Max launched fine. However, I can't get to the code. MvH is not listed for me to create an Icon to launch it with.

Any ideas on how I can get this to work in Max 2012? I'm sure by the time anyone reads this I'll be finished with the job I'm working on but it might help me for the next time... Thanks, Rob

"Who is staring at the sea is already sailing a little."

jeffreysbrown's picture

Agreed! - Excellent

Saved me re-starting a morph build. Many thanks!
BTW, worked fine in Max2012.


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