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David Knight

A small function script that automates the process of connecting a four way spline control for use in facial animation to four morph shapes placed in any order on a morph modifier and named appropriately. It takes five parameters - four morph shapes and the name of the control handle. Max file included to illustrate completed process after running the script on four upper lip complementary morph targets.

Additional Info: 

Having created the four desired morphs and named them appropriately,
place them on the morpher of the mesh in any order.

First run the 'facial control named' function script, which has just one name parameter.
Run this function ,putting the name of the controller in inverted commas.
This names the circle spline controller at the same time,placing an '01' after the name.

Then run the 'connectmorphs' function script,
which takes five parameters - the names of the four morphs and the name of the controller.
Once it appears in the listener, run the function with
all the parameters instanced,naming the relevant morphs and the name of the controller just created.
The script will automatically find the required morphs and warn you if any have not been found,and will name any missing morph channels.
If all required morphs are there, it will then create all the reactions necessary to set up connections between the spline controller and reaction manager.

Version Requirement: 
max 8 and up.
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connectmorphs_for_fourway_slider_control.ms9.48 KB
facialControl_named.ms1.13 KB
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