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This MCG Tool will  Generates a power socket with minimal effort!.

Supported with 3dsmax 2016 - 2024


installation : 

to install run 3dsmax in the menu go to " Scripting " then " Install Max Creation Graph ( . mcg) package "


UI :

Unit : shows the current file units.

Slot (1-10) Type: choose between 28 different power switchs and sockets.

Slot (1-10) Flip ? : flip the current selected type.

Material : choose between standard,physical,Vray and corona material.

Assign Material : assign the selected material type to the tool.


Usage :

in the create panel go to geometry then choose "3D | RnD" category 

like any other geomtry after choosing "3DRnD_Power sockets" click on the view port and the Escalator will be created.

and if you right click on the type dropdown it will select none.


please note that the maximum ammount of slots are 10, some types uses 2 slots so you may end up with less than 10 different types depending of the choosen types.



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Author : Bayan Al Safadi

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