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MCG Mesh Contours

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What's there to say really...

Installation for Max 2016/17: (2018 can be just drag+drop)


Then can be found in Create>Shapes>Vu.

Scatter Modifier (3dsmax MCG)

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With the MGH Scatter Modifier, you can easily create beautiful, natural-looking scatter patterns in your 3ds Max scenes. It's like magic for scattering objects around your scene with just a few clicks!

3D R.n.D |MCG | Power Sockets

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This MCG Tool will  Generates a power socket with minimal effort!.

Supported with 3dsmax 2016 - 2024


installation : 

to install run 3dsmax in the menu go to " Scripting " then " Install Max Creation Graph ( . mcg) package "


UI :

Unit : shows the current file units.

Slot (1-10) Type: choose between 28 different power switchs and sockets.

Slot (1-10) Flip ? : flip the current selected type.

Clone Along Path (3dsmax MCG)

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spline clone is a free tool that can clone the geometry on top of the modifier stack along a picked spline

advantage of this tool is incremental transformation of clones along spline path in addition global transform to each item

Spline Face react

2 votes

Spline Face React is a 3dsmax mcg modifier that can help you in parametric modeling.

it deform faces of your geometry according to their distance to a picked spline

Voxelizer (3dsmax MCG)

1 vote

voxelizer is a useful tool for easily voxelize your geometry in 3dsmax

Clone Along Path (3dsmax MCG)

2 votes

spline clone is a free tool that can clone the geometry on top of the modifier stack along a picked spline

Bitmap Transform Clone (3dsmax MCG)

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I made a tool for parametric modeling based on bitmap input by 3dsmax MCG graph This graph makes a 2d array from the mesh on top of the modifier stack in the XY plan and applies a grayscale bitmap to it and applies transfer setting to brighter areas of the bitmap given to it.

for better understanding see youtube video


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EDim is a professional 3ds Max plugin that allows you to create stunning 3D dimensions in seconds. It supports multiple selection and color changing, and can be linked to your original object. You can control the dimensions’ renderability and put them in a separate layer. EDim also offers three different dynamic sizes that will always fit your original object size.

changelog 1.3.3

Now Edim supports adding a suffix (to add the file unit next to the dimension text).
Fixed a bug where any 2d plane object will give a zero height dimensions text.

changelog 1.3.2

louver generator

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this is a free tool that can be a good time saver for your modeling workflow

for installation go to 3dsmax menu > Scripting> Install Max Creation Graph (.mcg) Package > select MGH louver generator_v0.0.325.mcg file then "MGH louver generator" will be available in your modifier list

try to use the last version of program (native version: 2022)

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