3dsMax MCG Velocity Controllers

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MCG Velocity animation controllers.

Animate using speed.
Linear Velocity
Angular Velocity

Velocity Float:
. A single float velocity.

Velocity Transform:
. A transform velocity.
. Forward speed and orientation speed.

Update in V1.1
package "MCG_Velocity_Controllers_v1.1.zip" includes :
VelocityFloatController_v1.0.22.mcg (no changes from previous)
VelocityTransformControllerV1-1_v1.1.295.mcg (v1.1 update)

Changes in Velocity Transform Controller

. Added position and orientation offsets
. Added a button to pick a start Node

see in Max on youtube as "3ds Max - MCG - Velocity Contoller"

Package "3dsMax_MCG_Velocity_Controllers.zip" includes :

To Install:
1. download and unzip "3dsMax_MCG_Velocity_Controllers.zip"
2. start 3ds Max
3. in Max Main Menus: Scripting > Install Max Creation Graph (.mcg) Package...
4. install both .mcg files.
>>> Installed !

To use:
Velocity Transform is available via Assign Controller > Transform

Velocity Float is available as any float controllers

Additional Info: 

These Velocity graphs are History dependent.
Longer the animation can affect scrubbing timeline performance.

3ds Max Version Requirement: 
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