MCG Parse Spline

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This MCG will parse your spline by segment or element.

Requirements: Max 2016 + Extension1/2 + SP3, Max 2017, Max 2018

I will stress this on a separate line: Max 2016 requires Extension1/2 + SP3


Once installed, can be found in Create>Shapes>Vu

(Select Vu_ParseSpline, then click somewhere in viewport first to create the MCG object before picking your spline)

In segment mode, the segments are UNJOINED. In element mode, the elements are joined as the original spline.

This is best used for typing character by character effect. You can increase Tolerance for parsing by 'word' but if you have many single/special characters in your text, it may not separate the words correctly in some cases.

ver 1.01: in segment mode, now the segments are joined.




3ds Max Version Requirement: 
Other Requrements: 
2016 + Extension 1/2 + SP3, Max2017, Max 2018