MCG Pixelize Bitmap

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This would most likely be completely useless...but do I care about what you think....not really. It was an exercise in how to process 2D array (the bitmap) in 'clusters' you can learn the technique from here if you can be bothered.


(2018 can be drag & drop mcg into viewport)

The video shows to use procedural maps for Internal texture....but of course you could always use a Bitmap map to read in a.....bitmap

(I did it in 2018, can't be bothered to use previous versions...but it should be entirely possible)

(the requirement says 2016..but that's the default...I can't remove it..and there's no 2018 in the dropdown list)

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2018 ONLY
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vu_pixelizebitmap_1.00.zip7.95 KB