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Get your spline to wrap onto a mesh or multi-meshes... Yes it is a bit rough around the edges, so it is what it is...

ver 1.01: bit more stable when tumbling around...

ver 1.02: now shooting rays are from Spline Normals. Also for ortho projection mode, say from front on or top down, you can use World Axis for shooting direction. When there's no Hit, you have option to leave knots where they are...or just shoot to the nearest verts of the mesh. Tumbling issue is still there but is now less just keep an eye out for the BBox.

 ver 1.03: now supports Multi-curve in a spline

ver 1.04: for verts with no Hits, have option to Remove. It's far from perfect, but it's something there for you to work with, maybe manually move a few knots here and there with an Edit Spline (see large pic below).

ver 1.05: added Progress.......and that's a wrap folks....

ps: I found that put a Sweep on with Banking OFF seems to work best in most cases..

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2016+Ext1/2+SP3, 2017
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vu_splineconform_1.00.zip10.07 KB
vu_splineconform_1.01.zip9.42 KB
vu_splineconform_1.02.zip16.87 KB
vu_splineconform_1.03.zip18.47 KB
vu_splineconform_1.04.zip19.21 KB
vu_splineconform_1.05.zip19.89 KB


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Alaa alnahlawi's picture

Super cool

Super cool

vusta's picture

ver 1.03

Multi-curve support.

Unfortunately, Max versions earlier than 2016 do not know what MCGs can do...

and I'm not a scripter so there's very little chance I could do anything like this with mxs.

obaida's picture

Very Very important add for

Very Very important add for 3dsMax , thanks hope it'll work fine in all cases
and of course if you can make it for 3dsMax 2014 it'll be more than welcome.
Thank you , Best Regards.

vusta's picture

ver 1.02

...bit more advanced...

vusta's picture

well it's sorta 50/50

the Normalize Spl. at certain length/accuracy can produce weird bunching up, best seen with a Sweep on a Normalize Spl.

If there's these weird bunching up, it sends my MCG into a tailspin....

Swordslayer's picture


If you can, submit a Bug report for that, please. Thanks :)

vusta's picture

bloody Normalize Spl.

I've since discovered it's the Normalize Spl. that is causing the screen to disappear when tumbling around ...arrrgggg... dodgy !!!!! At least I can blame it rather than my MCG now...

luxxeon's picture

You certainly get my vote on

You certainly get my vote on this one. This should come in quite handy for a variety of techniques. Thank you.

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