Tiler and CloneBySplineLength

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Two MCG's this time. Tiler and CloneBySplineLength

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Tiler works as a modifier. Put it in the stack, it will try to fit as many tiles in the XY plane of the bounding box. Allows for adjustments in X and Y spacing. Tile can be changed by picking a new tile mesh.

notes: the fit isn't always as exact as I would want it to be, works better when the tiled surface is much bigger than the tile.

CloneBySplineLength is also a modifier. I made it to work along side path deforms. Keep it under the path deform modifier, with the same path selected as the spline. Allows you to change the path spline and the deformed geometry will always fit 100%(ish) of the spline.

notes: again accuracy isn't great. Works best with a normalizeSpline modifier on the path spline. I haven't figured out a way to handle control path banking, so these look best flat.


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tiler.zip7.1 KB
clonetosplinelength.zip17.87 KB