Weaver Modifier

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Modifier creates realtime topology based weaving geometry.

  • Works on tris/quads/n-gones.

Update: Version 2

  • -Double Strokes With gap width parameter. Option for each stroke direction. Separate option for Tris/N-gones.
  • -Flow Twist Option for each stroke direction. 
  • -Average connection width. Helps to keep the flow even in nonuniform weaving.
  • -Manual flow control (Quads) Weaving flow control by editing quads triangulation.
  • -Variability All weaving options works together produce a lot of variants.
Additional Info: 

Support 3dsmax 2018.1+

Instalation: Open 3dsMax - main toolbar: scripting - Install Max Creating Graph (.mcg) file - choose Weaver.mcg - done

To use it create mesh object and add weaver modifier from modifier list

Recommended to use on EditablePoly objects.


3ds Max Version Requirement: 
Other Requrements: 
3dsmax 2018 update 1 or newer !!!
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