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Skin Slide by Seigi Sato

BonyFace 2.6 was released

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BonyFace - Facial Animation System: professional solution for rigging and animating facial expressions on 3D Faces

10 free sessions of Extended tools included

New features in version 2.6: Grimace Mixer, fully rebuilded Face Control Center

Video Tutorials
Online Help

Motiva Christmas Revolution promo

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Motiva is glad to announce our Christmas Revolution promo. witha 35% off in Motiva Colimo and the novel Motiva RealPerception, a plugin pack in OFX format developed to be a help in postproduction task. As its name says it tries to mimic effects produced by the perception from either human based, camera or photographic film.

Take advantage of the prices until January the 15th. Merry Christmas to everyone! HO HO HO!

Motiva RealPerception: http://www.motivacg.com/en/realperception-ofx/

BonyFace 2.7 was released

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BF toolbar

Dual Quaternion finally landed on 3dsmax!

27 votes

3dsmax has linear vertex blending for skinning by default, this causes a lot of artifact during bones rotation, especially
the classic candywrap effect. Dual Quaternion skinning mantains volume a lot better, BUT it cannot be used alone as general solution. In some situations you still would like to mantain linear skinning AND with XrayBlendSkin YOU CAN!
You can even paint the amount of Dual Quaternions influence.
- Dual quaternion skinning to avoid candy wrap artifacts
- Interactive bind between linear and dual quaternions.
- Paint blending

Chaos Group Announces Acquisition of U.S. Based Software Developer, ASGVIS

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Chaos Group of Sofia, Bulgaria – the world leader in the development of software solutions for the computer graphics industry – has acquired Baltimore-based software developer and visualization firm, ASGVIS, LLC. The acquisition will consolidate V-Ray for Rhino and V-Ray for SketchUp development within the Chaos Group brand, and confirms establishment of a new Chaos Group company in the United States that will enhance services and support to customers in North America.

Character-environment destruction demos with Pulldownit

32 votes

Andres de Mingo have done some stunning demos about character-environment destruction using Pulldownit Pro plugin in Max, 

video 1 




2 votes

maxUnChamfer will help you produce low poly objects in less time with less amount of effort .


Here are some of the benefits you get:

RappaTools3 - Advanced Toolset MaxScript

2 votes

Limited Time Offer
Buy now and get 3 Licenses
Offer Expires on 08/4/2012

3ds Max Programming Contest - $1000 Prize

6 votes

TurboSquid is holding a programming contest with a first prize of $1000. The contest calls for a utility that checks 3D models for certain attributes. Entrants can use MAXScript or any other programming language to write the utility.

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