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V-RayMax Converter PRO is the best tool for convert 3d scene (materials, maps, lights, cameras, proxies, modifiers, helpers, render elements, etc.) from various render engines to V-Ray and from V-Ray to Corona Render, and also for converting V-Ray and Corona materials/maps to Standard materials/maps.

Current version: 4.0036

Supported for conversion:

To V-Ray from:
  • Standard (Default Scanline)
  • Corona Render
  • FStorm Render
  • Octane Render
  • finalRender
  • Arnold
  • Brazil_Advanced (RS v 1.2) material
  • NVIDIA iray (unofficial) material.
From V-Ray to:
  • Standard (Default Scanline) materials/maps
  • Corona Render (v9 or higher)
From Corona (materials/maps) to:
  • Standard (Default Scanline) material/maps

See full list of supported conversions.

Main features:

  • Convert materials, maps, lights, cameras, modifiers, helpers and GI environment from supported renderers to V-Ray and from V-Ray to Corona
  • Convert clouds from CoronaSky to VRaySun and vice versa.
  • Convert Render Elements to V-Ray (currently supported Scanline RE, Corona RE, FStorm RE, Octane RE) and from V-Ray to Corona
  • Convert V-Ray and Corona materials|maps to Standard (Default Scanline) materials|maps
  • Convert proxies (currently supported from Corona, FStorm, Octane) to V-Ray Proxy (static and animated)
  • Convert V-Ray Proxy to Corona Proxy (static and animated)
  • Convert standard Bitmaps to VRayBitmap (VRayHDRI) and vice versa
  • Convert 3ds Max Physical cameras to V-Ray Physical cameras and vice versa
  • Automatic configure ACEScg workflow in V-Ray
  • Batch processing for multiple *.max files
  • Programmatically interact with most converter functions using built-in maxscript methods (API), which allows you to use the converter without UI and in combination with other 3rd-party scripts.
  • ...and more additional tools for fixing and adjusting the scene.

Additional Info: 

More detailed information about the all features and capabilities of the "V-RayMax Converter PRO" can be found here: https://maxtools.3dzver.ru/vmcpro

Also, on this V-RayMax Converter telegram channel, you can read about all the updates.

IMPORTANT: To convert between different rendering engines, it is necessary that these rendering engines are installed (alpha/beta/dailybuilds/rc versions are not supported).

Please, respect the developers and other users - do not post promotional messages in comments (ie spam).

If you have any suggestions or comments related to the work of the plugin, use the support form at this webpage: https://maxtools.3dzver.ru/supportpro

Version Requirement: 
3ds Max 2018-2025
Other Software Required: 
V-Ray Advanced 5.xx.xx - V-Ray 6.xx.xx


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New update v4.0036 are available.

v4.0036 release notes:

  • added a spinner to the "Set "Blur" value for bitmap texmaps:" option in the "V-Ray Tools" section on the [Adv.Tool] tab to specify the desired value of the "Blur" property in Bitmap and VRayBitmap.
  • added a new option "Set "Filtering" mode for VRayBitmap:" in the "V-Ray Tools" section on the [Adv.Tool] tab.
  • added automatic creation of a text log file when batch processing files. A log file with a list of processed files and processing status will be created in the same folder where these files will be saved.
  • fixed an error that could rarely occur during the "Set rendering RGB primaries" function in the "V-Ray Tools>ACEScg Workflow" section on the [Adv.Tools] tab.
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Great update! You are the

Great update! You are the best, thank you!

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New update v4.0035 are available!

v4.0035 release notes:

  • changes in the installer: now when installing an update you will not need to enter the license key again if it has already been activated on this computer; also, now after installing the update, the previous converter settings are saved.
  • added a new option "Set "gtrEnergyCompensation" to [On] in VRayMtl" to the "V-Ray Tools:" section on the [Adv.Tools] tab
  • added the option "Use OSLMap node for VRayColor" to the "ACEScg Workflow" section on the [Adv.Tools] tab for correction of the output ACEScg color from input sRGB color.
  • changed the option "Change Blinn to Microfacet GTR (GGX)" to "Set BRDF type to Microfacet GTR (GGX)". Now this option switches BRDF type to Microfacet GTR (GGX) not only from Blinn, but also from Phong and Ward.
  • fixed incorrect determination of the reflection properties "glossiness/roughness" when converting from VRayMtl to Physical Material.
  • improved overall converter performance with minor additions.
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This issue has already been fixed in update 4.0032

Thanks for reporting the issue. At the moment, this has already been fixed in update 4.0032, which you can download in your personal account on the website.

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New update v4.0032 are available!

v4.0032 release notes:

  • added support for 3dsMax 2025.
  • fixed a bug in the Adv.Tools>VRayTools>[Fix Normal bitmap textures to VRayNormalMap] function, which resulted in the VRayNormalMap map being deleted.
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>>PS: It is possible that the

>>PS: It is possible that the removed Bump map had an empty texture file path.
No, but i use relative path like:

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Re-checked and the problem was repeated.
Maybe I don't understand the principle of operation, but disabling normal map seems strange.

mailed the files to [email protected]

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Please write in detail about

Please write in detail about this in the support form on the website: https://maxtools.3dzver.ru/supportpro
Or here: [email protected]
PS: It is possible that the removed Bump map had an empty texture file path.

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Bump problem

the script started to disable bump maps with vraynormalmap, already connected to the material
Probably because of the fix bump for Vray-GPU option

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New update v4.0031 are available!

v4.0031 release notes:

  • Added removal from the scene of Bitmaptex, VRayBitmap, CoronaBitmap and FStormBitmap maps with an empty path to the texture file.
  • Fixed display of text in the log window for monitors with a resolution of 2K or higher.

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