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V-RayMax Converter PRO is the best tool for convert materials, maps, lights, cameras, proxies, modifiers, helpers, render elements, etc. from various render engines to V-Ray and from V-Ray to Corona Renderer, and also for converting V-Ray materials to Standard materials.

Current version: 4.0020

Supported for conversion:

To V-Ray from:
  • Standard (Default Scanline)
  • Corona
  • FStorm
  • Octane
  • finalRender
  • Arnold (basic)
  • Brazil_Advanced (RS v 1.2) material
  • NVIDIA iray (unofficial) material.
From V-Ray to:
  • Standard (Default Scanline)
  • Corona Renderer (v9 or higher)

See full list of supported conversions.

Main features:

  • Convert materials, maps, lights, cameras, modifiers, helpers and GI environment from supported renderers to V-Ray and from V-Ray to Corona
  • Convert clouds from CoronaSky to VRaySun and vice versa.
  • Convert Render Elements to V-Ray (currently supported Scanline RE, Corona RE, FStorm RE, Octane RE) and from V-Ray to Corona
  • Convert V-Ray materials|maps to Standard (Default Scanline) materials|maps
  • Convert proxies (currently supported from Corona, FStorm, Octane) to V-Ray Proxy (static and animated)
  • Convert V-Ray Proxy to Corona Proxy (static and animated)
  • Convert standard Bitmaps to VRayBitmap (VRayHDRI) and vice versa
  • Convert 3ds Max Physical cameras to V-Ray Physical cameras and vice versa
  • Automatic configure ACEScg workflow in V-Ray
  • Batch processing for multiple *.max files
  • Programmatically interact with most converter functions using built-in maxscript methods (API), which allows you to use the converter without UI and in combination with other 3rd-party scripts.
  • ...and more additional tools for adjusting and fixing the scene.

Additional Info: 

More detailed information about the all features and capabilities of the "V-RayMax Converter PRO" can be found here: https://maxtools.3dzver.ru/vmcpro

Also, on this V-RayMax Converter telegram channel, you can read about all the updates.

IMPORTANT: To convert between different rendering engines, it is necessary that these rendering engines are installed (alpha/beta versions are not supported).

Please, respect the developers and other users - do not post promotional messages in comments (ie spam).

If you have any suggestions or comments related to the work of the plugin, use the support form at this webpage: https://maxtools.3dzver.ru/supportpro

Version Requirement: 
3ds Max 2018-2024
Other Software Required: 
V-Ray Advanced 4.xx.xx - V-Ray 6.xx


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Automatic check for updates

Automatic check for updates occurs only when you start the converter and if you have an internet connection, and should not interfere with the work on the project. If you receive a message about an update when starting the converter, then you can simply refuse the update at the current moment and continue working. However, we will provide an option that will allow you to disable automatic checking for updates when starting the converter and do it yourself whenever you see fit, although most often updates fix critical errors and we recommend that you always update the converter on time to avoid future problems when working on projects.

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Check for updates, it's

Check for updates, it's annoying to be notified of a new version during a project

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Added in version 4.0015

Added in version 4.0015

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You are getting this message

You are getting this message because your current scene has not been saved anywhere and is named "Undefined".
For all questions write to [email protected] and they will help you.

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I got this error. First time

I got this error.
First time it was when Texture baking was: Default folder
I change it to Curent scene
Now i got this error with Curent scene
And when i chang it to Default script work.

screenshot_2023-02-15_105943.jpg 126.8 KB
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Thank you for your offer.

Thank you for your offer. We will try to add this in one of the next updates.

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I found checkbox "selected

I found checkbox "selected only", on adv.Tools, but "Uncheck all" will be good

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Can you add button "Uncheck all" and option "Selected objects" on Adv.Tools tab?
When i edit bunch of different objects with different parameters it will help me press less buttons.

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New update v4.0013 are available

Release notes:

  • added scene conversion from V-Ray to Corona (v9 or higher).
  • some options on the [Scene Convert] tab have been redesigned for more convenient conversion settings depending on the selected direction.
  • added an "Automatic" option to the "Texture Baking" section for the "Save in gamma" item on the [Scene Convert] tab and added maxscript API method <BakedTexGammaAuto>
  • added converting V-Ray Proxy to Corona Proxy (v9 or higher) on the [Advanced Convert] tab.
  • added support for converting animated proxies.
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Always happy to help you!

Always happy to help you!

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