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Prism is the render pass manager for 3ds Max, which was developed by me in Altspace. It significantly simplifies the process of creating and managing render passes. With the intuitive user interface you can quickly create an unlimited number of passes in a single output file. Prism is easy to install and configure, it’s based on native Max script and works with 3ds Max 2012 and above. It supports network rendering using Autodesk Backburner and Thinkbox Deadline, and does not require separate installation on a render farm’s computers. Prism supports all popular rendering systems, including V-Ray 3.0 and Corona renderer. Prism provides a large variety of different settings in each pass, making possibilities limitless, also the handy system of file naming templates lets you easily find your rendered output.

Prism (previously called LPM 2.0) is a fork of lukas pass manager, it was renamed to avoid confusion. Thanks to all who participated in "lpm_pro_v1.096_max2014_beta1" developing (Lukas Lepicovsky, Jakub Jeziorski, Mike Samoilov, John Martini). It was good start for me in august 2014.

What's new in version 1.4


Version Requirement: 
3ds Max 2012 and above


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shrifazmy's picture

black pass with deadline

Hi Grover
am using prism to render my staff, recently i started to use it with deadline but unfortunately i get my pass black (( specifically got it empty ))
and this happened only am using prism in the regular submission its not happening
and sure I set the path to the deadline functions file in the option
So any advice or suggestions to solve this problem

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Tutorials ?

Anyone have these tut files for download ?

Camtasia won't play in any of my browsers and as far as I can tell this is the only documentation / tutorials for this.


mike_kennedy's picture

Red Shift render elements are causing errors

Nothing new, Corona had the same problems, would it be possible to add support for third party render elements like for Corona and Redshift.

If Render elements exist for Redshift (Their specific ones ) Prims is throwing an error.
Even turning them off doesn't work.

Red shift has an open beta and nice devs

Mike Kennedy

mike_kennedy's picture

Thats a cool feature, it's not what happening for me though,

What's happening to me is different, it happens when I open and close the interface window. The passes are off and then on in a random fashion, auto animate was off when I had this happen to me. it's not a killer, more of a extra clicks thing.
You open the interface one time, some passes are on some are off, open it again and there are not the same passes turned off or on.
If it was animated then the passes turned on and off would be off and on consistently at the same frame, in this case they are not. Only happens with like 15 or more passes.
It's some thing that happened with 1.0 and 1.14 of LPM from the other branch. Might be something to do with my personal Max set up.

Mike Kennedy

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Bug report

Hi Mike. Check for animated parameters. Example:

mike_kennedy's picture

Bug reporrt

The passes are randomly turning off and on by themselves all the time on heavy scenes.
Guessing when my PC is working hard this causes issues?

Mike Kennedy

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Hi John. Lucas and me agreed that this fork should be renamed to avoid confusion. I decided to develop my version of pass manager by my self to be more independent and flexible. Lots of things were changed and added in the code since lpm 1.09 that I took as the base one year ago. Now I have many ideas and planning to release new version soon. As for money, it's not a main aim, it's silly to develop program for the whole year for hundred bucks. So I just try to help people to work faster and more efficient. Yes the code is open and you can use it until you think it's honestly. So soon this fork will have new name. Hope my work will be helpful for all 3ds max users. Thanks.

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So is LPM the proper and

So is LPM the proper and agreed upon rename then? Looks a bit confusing to me. Also the code was released under GPL, can we port some of the features from LPM 2.0 to LPassManager? I would like to better understand the position of LPassmanager towards LPM 2.0. Obviously LPM is also being used as a vehicle to sell additional plugins, which is ok I guess, but I have a hard time understanding the motives of the development behind LPM 2.0. Any insights are appreciated!

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Sorry, extra space in link.

Royal Ghost |

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Git Hub Link is dead

The Git hub link is Dead.

Mike Kennedy

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