more usefull helix than 3dsmaxs helix!!

this script help to creat a helix , in max there's a helix too!!so why this script?! the maxs helix problems are: 1-no controll on the number of vertex wich u want to cr8. 2-after creating that last and convert it to Editable spline,u can't have controll on that vertexs, u can't convert it to Smooths or corner bezier or...., try u'll understand. my helix haven't this problem, i'd just forgiven to made the 2nd radius :s

 --just copy and paste the script in new script window, Press Ctrl+E or files/evaluate all ,and enjoy :)



rollout rossor "Creat"


label s

"-----| crazyOsachou |-----"

label s1 height:20

spinner radius "Rayon= " range:[-1000,1000,10] type:#Float align:#center width:100

label s2 height:1

spinner hauteur "Hauteur= " range:[-1000,1000,0] type:#Float align:#center width:100

label s3 height:1

spinner ntour "Tours= " range:[0,100,1] type:#Float align:#center width:100

label s4 height:1

spinner compx "Complexité=" range:[1,9,5] type:#integer align:#center width:90

label s5

checkbox liss " Lissage" across:2 checked:true

label s6

checkbox coin " Coin" across:2 checked:false

label s7 height:1

colorpicker cp "Color" color:blue align:#left title:"Rossor Color" width:80


label s8

button go "Creat Rossor" width:130 height:25

label s9

label s10

" Blida 2005"

on liss changed v1 do (

coin.checked = not v1



on coin changed v1 do (

liss.checked = not v1



on go pressed do (

angle=ntour.value*360 as float

cm=50-(5*compx.value) as float

steppas=(cm*hauteur.value)/angle as float

z=0 as float

fethi=splineshape pos:[0,0,0] name:"sachou"

addnewspline fethi

for i=0 to angle by cm do


x=radius.value*cos(i) as float

y=radius.value*sin(i) as float

if sommet>0 do (

addknot fethi 1 #smooth #curve [x,y,z]


if sommet<0 do (

addknot fethi 1 #corner #curve [x,y,z]




updateshape fethi




createdialog rossor width:180 height:320










my helix



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in fact there is a trick to

in fact there is a trick to edit default helix curves :
you have to switch to the spline editing mode, then right-click on the spline and select "curve" instead of "line"

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Hi, like the script becaus


like the script because working much with maxhelix caused me trouble with all the vertices and so on

thanks a lot 

regards henkalders 

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Many-Mega thanks !

Many-Mega thanks !