How to create spline trails in Pflow?

Hey Guys,

I have a Pflow setup with particles coming out of a piece of geometry and I want to create trails with splines that follow the motion of each particle. I have a script that generates splines out of the particles trajectory but they are not animatable. I am trying to get a bunch of branch-like things growing out of my geometry while twisting and curving (hence the Pflow setup).

Any idea?



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Here are 2 scripts for that...

1. Trajectory to Spline

Create splines from the trajectory of animated objects, bones or particles (PFlow).

-> Trajectory to Spline

2. TurboSplines

Ideal for making multiple spline growing animations.

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hey , i would like to have

hey , i would like to have your script making splines of the particle paths :)

let me know please
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