New "quote ware" license

Just a short note to inform you that I have changed the license of all my scripts.

Over the years, I sometimes learned through the grapevine that some of my scripts were/are used extensively on large commercial projects or in professional production environments. This is great, and I am very happy to see my tools being used, but I'd like to hear about that first hand and I'd like to quote these projects to prove that my tools are "production tested".

Therefore, I have decided to change the license of my tools to something I call "Quote ware":

If you use one of my scripts in a production environment with a group of more than two people, or have used it in the past under such conditions, then you are obliged to tell me about it and allow me to list that project title and your company name as a reference on this website.

I have updated the header in all my scripts accordingly.

All my tools have remain free and opensource, so this really is a very small thing to ask in exchange for using them. I hope you all agree. Thanks, and looking forward to hearing from your project!