Project Switcher

Just uploaded a new script for quickly switching back and forth between different projects folders. They were new in 3dsmax and allow for relative path names (so you can quickly move an entire project to some other folder). Unfortunately, there is no history about previously used folders, and I my projects are deeply nested on the network so I wrote that script to be able to switch between the projects without browsing the entire network structure.

There seems to be a small bug in 3ds Max 2008. It causes projectSwitcher to always show a
Browse-Folder-Dialog when swichting projects. This can be fixed by manually editing the file Macro_SetProjectFolder.mcr in the <3dsmax_root>\ui\macroscripts directory and changing

local _SetProjectFolder_macro_option_promptUser
local _SetProjectFolder_macro_option_newFolder

in line 25 and 26 to

global _SetProjectFolder_macro_option_promptUser
global _SetProjectFolder_macro_option_newFolder

Save the .mcr file and restart 3ds Max. This should return normal functionality for projectSwitcher



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Project Switcher

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As of v0.9, projectSwitcher

As of v0.9, projectSwitcher has a function to automatically switch the project when a new file is opened. It does this by searching the filename path for the name of the scene files folder (typically, this is "scenes", but it can be changed in projectSwitcher), and then switching to the project folder that contains this found folder.

Here's an example:

Say, you activated the auto-switch function in projectSwitcher and then open the .max file at d:\maxprojects\superbowl\shot5_take1\scenes\closeup_23.max

projectSwitcher will then set the project folder to
d:\maxprojects\superbowl\shot5_take1\ after opening the file.

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Great stuff Martin!  I was

Great stuff Martin!  I was about to write a script to do exactly the same thing, and you did it for me. :)

Really very useful.  Thanks.

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Thanks for the feedback! Let

Thanks for the feedback! Let me know if you think something is missing.

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The only other thing that

The only other thing that would be a great feature would be an auto check to see if the scene file you currently have open is contained within the current or switched project folder.  I've written code to do this on an open file callback, but something packaged together in the one tool would be brilliant. The main headache with project folders is having the wrong scene open with the wrong project.

 What do you think?

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Good idea! I tried to

Good idea!

I tried to contact you but your scriptspot account does not accept email. Would you mind contacting me at martin (at) breidt (dot) net? If you already have code to do this, we could just integrate that into Project Switcher?