GizmoUnify modifier wanted

it is easy to apply certain modifier (UVWMap, Slice, Symmetry, etc) to selection of objects and have common gizmo for all objects. but it is impossible paste this modifier to another objects keeping gizmo in source position. thus need to select objects, delete modifier, add objects to selection and apply modifier again.

i wonder if it is possible to create scripted modifier which will affect all modifiers with gizmos (or 'slice plane' or 'mirror') so if we want joined mapping on objects - just copy and paste instanced UVWMap and GizmoUnify modifiers

i may provide screenshots if needed.


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Thank you Lord!

now it works great, there are some issues, but slight ones!
thank you

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No problem !

I removed the gizmo and center subobjects from the GizmoUnify modifier, so now it's cleaner.

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well done!

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Thank you Anubis,

I have two small tips to optimize the workflow :
1- It will be faster by applying the UnifyGizmo mod at the higher level in the modifier stack (as modifier n°1).
In this way, each time you select an object, the UnifyGizmo mod will be activated and updated.

2- If you really have a lot of objects to update with the UnifyGizmo mod as first modifier, select all the objects you want to update and execute this two lines in the Maxscript Listener:
sel = selection as array
for i in sel do select i

--(It will select each object individually and update it.)

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Next update

In this last version 1.3, now it works for every modifiers type.
Some modifiers will not update dynamically (in Max 2012), so you just have to go in sub-object mode to update the gizmo.
It can happen especially if you copy / paste-instance a group of modifiers, otherwise it updates normally.

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An update of my scripted plug-in

Now, when you apply the modifier "GizmoUnify", it automatically aligns the instanced modifiers of the current object with the others.
Of course, all the settings and the order of the modifier stack are preserved.
It only works with instanced modifiers.

If later you apply another instanced modifier, you don't need to add a new "GizmoUnify" modifier, it's possible to update it just by clicking on it.

I hope that my contribution will help...

Sorry, but it doesn't seem to work with every modifiers type,
for example : symmetry and uvwmap modifiers have no boundingbox context.
It works with modifiers like bend, noise, melt...
It must have a gizmo with bounding box.

I will see if it's possible to do it with all the types of gizmos.

Best regards.

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thank you Anubis

besides just couple issues it works fine:

1/ unfortunately gizmo resets when script applied. would be great if gizmo position taken from selected object
2/ please add support of Symmetry modifier (gismo has different name - 'Mirror')

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i try to get what you say

"gizmo resets when script applied"
- is not that the aim?

[EDIT] woops, why i thought about Mirror modifier then i reply about Symmetry ? :)

- so you want to include that to the "filtering" i made to can the script affect Symmetry modifier as well? if so no problem.

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its a bit filthy job

..but here is something from me anyway :)
(read the notes as well)

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a small update

* now affect only instanced modifiers that has gizmo, as it useful just for this modifiers
* the rest limitations still remains (read notes inside for details)

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my recent MAXScripts RSS (archive here)

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