render optimization

hello every one

i need some help

i want a script for render optimization for static and animated objects

the idea is:

1-make render for the whole scene and store it in a buffer in the first frame
2-in the second frame check for the static objects and animated ones
3-for the static doesnt render them again , and get their render from the buffer that we have stored in the first frame
4-for the animated objects render them again

the basic idea render the animated objects and leave the static ones

i need it so fast

thank u


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I wonder why you ask such a

I wonder why you ask such a script, even render by pass is a lame work if you don't care about a lot of staffs, and if really do this then the final rendering time will be much more than render all at once.

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first thanks alot i need it

first thanks alot

i need it in a project at my college

the problem im not good at 3ds max and the max script
(and i hate my doctor. dont tell him).

so again thanks
and if u get me script that:

make render for the animated objects every frame they move and make one render for the static objects

that's will be so nice

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Nemo you're going about this

Nemo you're going about this the wrong way - something like this is best done by either learning how to make the software render faster (so you don't feel like you need to separate the objects), learning how to use network rendering (so you can use lots of computers on the network to render the animation in less time) or you learn how to use the matte/shadow material to render certain objects and composite them later. There isn't a way to tell the renderer to buffer objects that aren't animated but there are a ton of ways to adjust 3ds max so that it renders faster.

You're learning 3ds max in class - I suggest you work within 3ds max and not look for a script to solve something that can be done with the standard tools.

Alternatively - ask your teacher what he suggests and he might surprise you with a great answer. :-)

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FYI there are plenty of

FYI there are plenty of scripts to help facilitate rendering in layers. I'm a huge fan of RPManager and use it at work - (there is a limited personal license available). You might also check out L Pass Manager - (also commercial I believe).

There are some free ones too... First ones to come to mind are:

- Colin Senner has a great script MPManager that I used before RPManager. It requires you to separate your file into layers and matte's an entire layer at once - really cool and free.

- Sergo has a free script called Batch Camera Render that will let you use scene states per camera (among other things). A side effect of using scene states is you'd be able to apply a matte material to certain objects per scene state so this script could become a very flexible pass management tool. Haven't used it personally but seems like it's getting a lot of attention as of late.


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thanks alot man but..(and

thanks alot man

but..(and there is always but)

all wat i need simply is::

i have a scene contains only objects(u can say geometry objects).
some of this objects is animated and some are static

i need to make render only for these animated objects in each frame, and for the static objects make only one render(as they dont move).

that's all

i wish i could make it clear
and again thanks

but i need that script
so help me

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This isn't really a job for

This isn't really a job for a script - what you're suggesting is a very integrated aspect of the render engine and to my knowledge no render engines operate this way...

However - that's because what you're asking for is typically done a different way. If you need to break apart a scene (for instance - foreground & background or in your case static & moving). Just make 2 files - in the first one render the static objects and in the 2nd file render the moving objects and apply a matte/shadow material to the static objects. Then you'll use a compositing app like After Effects, Combusion or even some video editing apps to layer the 2nd scene onto the 1st scene in post.

You can look up all kinds of tutorials about rendering in passes or rendering in layers. Try spending some time with google, maybe check out some tutorials on the Area or dvd training at, gnomon or digital tutors to name a few...

Good luck,

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plz just any idea any small


just any idea
any small idea

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What Christopher wrote is

What Christopher wrote is your best bet. Its the quickest method and I haven't heard of any script that does what your asking for. However, I suggest looking into "Irrandiance Map" settings in the render engine, this usually helps speed up static objects without deformations, unless the camera is moving around the object or the light is changing dramatically.

Hope this helps.

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