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February 2012 Newsletter from Render Plus

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We put out a new Render Plus Newsletter.

If you did not get a copy, Check it out here: Newsletter

RPS Plugins released for SketchUp 8

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All 3 RPS plugins are now available for SketchUp 8

Winter Wonderland Winners announced

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Three Google SketchUp users are celebrating having won the top three prizes in a competition to create a 3D Winter Wonderland.

The competition, launched by ArtVPS in November, tasked digital artists to model a winter wonderland in SketchUp and render it using the exciting new render plug-in, Shaderlight.

New Tutorial Site

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Just a quick mention about a new site SketchUpArtists, which has free advanced tutorials, SketchUp Styles, Tips and Tricks and plenty news and information all related too Google SketchUp. Hope its OK to post this here, I only just discovered this site and I must check out what you have here! Thanks...

Rendering Tip

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Tip of the Week - Use Section Planes for realistic interior views

For more information, check out these links.

When rendering the inside of a room it is sometimes a challenge to place the camera properly. There are a few options one could choose from in order to solve this problem, such as:

Rendering Tips

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This is a new blog of rendering tips.


Although all the images are created from SketchUp models, these tips should be useful for all Photorealistic, 3D rendering engine users.

 Rendering Tips Blog

See all: Rendering Tips


How to Improve Renderings

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Render Plus Systems announces a new rendering engine for Google SketchUp

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Render Plus Systems has released a new add-on Rendering Engine for SketchUp. nXtRender, which is based on the new AccuRender nXt rendering engine from McNeel and Associates, is powerful, easy to use and fully integrated into SketchUp. By defining reflection, lighting, transparency and materials in their models, SketchUp users can quickly and easily create photorealistic renderings.

New resource for all SketchUp Blogs

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To read several SketchUp blogs all on one page, visit:


SketchUp Blogs



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