New Google Search Options for SketchUp Users

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There are now two new ways to search for ScriptSpot or SketchUp related content via a google CSE (custom search engine). A CSE allows for the creation of a search engine that searches only certain sites. So, there are currently two CSE's - one that searches only and another that searches a series of SketchUp related sites (including the official support forums, smustard, sketchucation and more) and which any of you can add your sites to the search list. The one drawback to using this type of search is that google tends to lag a few days behind the live site, but its just another way to find content.

Visit the ScriptSpot CSE -

Visit the SketchUp CSE -

In the future I'll be adding these as search options within ScriptSpot, but for the time being, I thought they might help you all find the content that you're looking for!