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PolyFX is a powerful tool that provides the ability to break an object into parts and animate them. It has many options for fine-tuning the animation and several additional tools. A great solution in the production of promotional videos, game development, etc.

Plasma Studio

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Download & Official Page : http://cafe.naver.com/pinksox/6285


Name Checker

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This script check duplication of name in Objects, Materials, Effects, and Atmosphere. This script can check with ignore case. If ignore case mode is on, checked as " A and a is same" Because 3dsmax often ignores case of name.

Name checker UI image, name duplication check tool for 3dsmax.


Velocity Channel Output

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This is a scripted render effect for creating motion vector images for use
with ReelSmart Motion Blur from RE:Vision Effects, Inc. I wrote it because I wasn't happy with the velocity channel in Render Elements.