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Script for simple animation appearance / disappearance of the object.

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After the purchase PolyFX you get a FoldMeshFX totally free!


v3.0 (current version)
- New mode "Particle";
- Transform by Map (in "Particle" mode);
- New tool "Pattern Frag.";
- New tool "Quick Detach.";
- Improved tool "Slice Frag.";
- Improved work with layers (Layers work only in "Key" mode);
- Saving all settings script to a file;
- Fixed many bugs;

- Mode "Controller";
- Tool "Slice Fragmentation";
- Support for layers;
- Tool "Collapse Controller" for "Controller" mode;
- Utility for cleaning garbage collection;
- Increased speed of the script;

- Fix Bug (Speed & StartFrame)

- Added ability to set the name of the object / group;
- Added ability to set color and material objects;
- Added curve editor to fine-tune the behavior of objects (Works with properties Move, Rotate, Scale.);
- Added modifier Normal;
- Increased speed of many parameters;

- Added the ability to work with the elements;
- Added checkbox "Auto Time Range";
Time Range = ((Poly or Element count + Falloff) / Speed) + Start Frame
- Added three spinners: "Position X" "...Y" and "Z";
- Added spinner "Max. Scale";
- Modified to work with helpers. Now if you picked Point, and select the type of "Center by Object/Helper", then polygons or elements will move from point;

- Added ability to work with objects of class Helpers. Now you can specify which side will act effect;
- Added the following spinners: Min. Scale, Random Rot., Random Pos., Normal Pos., Seeds, and three spinners to adjust the angle of rotation;
- Smoothness renamed Falloff;
- Now checkboxes Anim.Visibility, Reverse and Invert and most spinners instantly show a change in the viewport;
- Partially rewritten interface;

- Added spinner "Start Frame";

- First version;

Download demo or buy full version 3.0


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3ds max 2010 - 2016
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polyfx_v3.0_demo_2010-2016.zip424.72 KB
polyfx_v2.6_lite.mzp136.44 KB
polyfx_v2.5_lite.mse230.79 KB
polyfx_v2.0.mse222.28 KB
polyfx_v1.01.mse210 KB


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Do you have welder script for 3ds max 2014?

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damn why this post always on

damn why this post always on top ?

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Same thing, here. I simply

Same thing, here. I simply cannot get it to work. Just purchased the script a few days ago and can't get a thing out of it. Not in Max 2014 or 2016. Even on a simple plane, sphere, teapot...doesn't matter. When I push CREATE ANIMATION > scrub the timeline, all the fragments that were created are non-visible in the viewport.

EDIT: After sending a message to the author of the script and getting a response, there seems to be a step not shown in any of the videos, and that is the need to scale the polygons in the graph editor at the bottom of the panel.

I think there is a bug, though, as you cannot edit the scale...even though it is shown as the default curve. You HAVE TO SELECT IT FROM THE MENU, REGARDLESS. Once you do, then you can edit the curve. I demonstrate that, in this brief video.


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Hi , Run perfectly in max

Hi ,

Run perfectly in max 2015 for me .

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Max 2015

When can we expect a version for max 2015?

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mr.ravichaurasia, here looked?

mr.ravichaurasia's picture

i cant find polyfx after

i cant find polyfx after install???

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instalation problem

i cant find this polyfx after install this ???? plz help me ?

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Ok, I'll try to do a few scenes.

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Set the curve "Scale" as shown in the picture, and press Update.

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