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Free Plugins for 3D Max Users.....

Hi all, i have uploaded some of my max plugins/scripts for free on the following website, they are easy to install, you will also find PDF manuals on there that will tell you how to install them, quick tutorial etc., i hope you get some use out of them, cheers, Neil Smile



New Asset Manager for 3dsMax Released

Hello everyone,

Our team developing BuddyRender just had a major release for our render manager today and as a part of our knowledge we would like to share with you our new free tool - Repath Asset Manager. This tool is free to use as a full version and we will be glad if it could ease your pain around missing assets when moving project and/or external files.

Keyboard Shortcut Chart - For 3DS Max, Photoshop, Whatever you want.

I put together this Keyboard shortcuts chart to make it easier to assign new keyboard shortcuts, find old ones, etc. It may seem a bit redundant, time-consuming and maybe not even worth it but I've actually been finding it very useful! I use it all the time now. Helps me see where I can add shortcuts, re-organize, etc.

Check it out in the link below. You should be able to "make a copy" of the document (by going to file/"make a copy") and assign your own shortcuts. It's a bit of work in the beginning but is really useful afterwards.

newbe help

Being a newbie to script I have a problem that may seem simple but here goes;
When requesting max to run scripts from outside sources I get an error message that says....
Microsoft net framework has blocked the script from running and I must activate permissions.
"Runtime error:.Net runtime exception: an attempt was made to load an assembly from" etc
Not having scripting knowledge, How do I get around this please.
I would be great full thanks Paul!

hi to all

well today has been a very constructive day. i stumbled upon this resource for max and it has been amazing. i was working on a number of projects at once and one in particular is stumping me, but with the plugins for max that i took the time to browse through and download, im sure i can find a solution.

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Mr. Grant

Just want to comment on how sweet Scriptspot is coming along, and to tell you to give me a call sometime :)

Drupal info

When i saw the new scriptspot site i got very impresed.
I have been looking into a CMS solution for my ultimate frisbee club www.flyingcircus.dk
Right now we use a very old solution and that is why we want to  find something new.

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