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0-255 to % Converter

11 votes

Calculator for converting percentage values to 0-255 values and back. Includes a color swatch that updates with the grayscale value equivalent.

ACP (Alternate Color Picker) and colorPalette

29 votes

An alternate color picker and color palette manager. So far only a photoshop style color picker is implemented - other types are planned for the future.

Advanced Align

8 votes

Quickly aligns the local position and rotation of the selected object to the next object the user picks.

Affect Pivot

10 votes

This script simulate's Maya's 'Affect Pivot' tool and prompts the user to create a new pivot point for the selected object.

Align Over Range

17 votes

Aligns one object to another over a period of time.


8 votes

"Align an Object to the face normal of a geometry object (Mesh - Poly - Patch or NURBS).
Similar to AutoGrid - but for existing objects. "

Anaglyph Previewer

42 votes


6 votes

Extracts the angle between two objects (useful if IK controlled) via some extra point helpers.


12 votes

This script copies the file when opened with all the necessary textures in the specified directory.


11 votes

The ultimate script for people playing with GI engines with their computer in the bedroom :)) AutoShutdown your computer after the rendering. Don't forget to output your rendering to a file and close any other application that requires a 'quit-confirmation.

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