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Martin Dufour

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1 : INFO

3D STUDIO MAX    : 2009/2010 32/64BIT
MAIL        : [email protected]
RELEASE DATE    : AUGUST 07, 2009   


Extract the content of this archive to your '3dsmax\Scripts' directory.

From inside 3dsmax, select Maxscript->Run Script, browse to your scripts
folder and select the .mcr file and hit ok.

to add a shortcut to your toolbar and/or menu, goto Customize->Customize user interface
and find the new category named "MarTroYx".Drag the script name to your toolbar and/or
menu definition.You can also drag the .mse file into your viewport to start the script.

NEWS -->You have to delete the old .ini file if you have an old version installed since
NEWS -->new settings has been added....(your3dsmaxfolder\\Scripts\\Anaglyph_Previewer.ini)

3 : FAQ

Q: Why's one of my viewport's flickering ?
A: In order to render the output image, the script has to take a screenshot of both
camera...the more depth you use, the more flickering you get!

Q: Why it is so slow ?
A: GDI+ & maxscript...but there's a couple of thing you can do to improve the framerate :

->use a smaller viewport.
->use an even smaller viewport.
->use a tiny viewport.   
->set the Compositing Quality to Highspeed.
->uncheck mouse update.
->uncheck Process output.
->uncheck safemode.
->uncheck Desaturate.

Q: Why does the script capture everything in front of the viewport ?
A: In order to keep a ability to use the others viewports and interact with the scene,
another capturing technique had to be just make sure there nothing in the way
when you do a make preview.

Q: I don't like your camera, can I use mine ?
A: Yes of course ! Use the two button in the setup page to pick your camera...
expect strange thing to happen throught :-P

Q: Why the script didn't remember any settings ?
A: it remember it now :-)

Q: I want to use another viewport for rendering, Can I ?
A: No, capturing viewport is always index 1!

Q: Why there's so many mispelling ?
A: I'm a french guy, if you find any...let me know! (in a polite way of course!)


--you can't cancel once you pressed the make preview be sure you really want a preview :-)
--some codec don't work, if that the case then chose another one.

5: scripts fix\changes since 1.02.25

1.02.31-->Added a .ini setting to controls the internal channel swap, as I was told, it was inverted.
1.02.31-->Added a check to prevent crash if another camera with custom attribute is present in the scene.
1.02.31-->Added try/catch for viewport index in case the user has extended tools in viewport.

1.02.35-->Corrected the z-order drawing when using channel swap ...everything should be fine by default now.
1.02.35-->Added ini settings for all the parameters.
1.02.35-->Removed the safe mode .(was not activated anyways)
1.02.35-->Removed R_mode inisetting & replaced with a combobox in the setup for more easy switching.
1.02.35-->Removed ini seting to enabled Pixelop, now enabled by dafault.
1.02.35-->lot of other little fix.

1.02.36-->Fixed a major bug,that I introduced with the makepreview.
1.02.36-->fixed another bug with the makepreview if the range was equal.
1.02.36-->two other minor bug fix.

1.02.37-->Changed the contrast/brightness/saturation spinner increment to 1 to allow much more granular controls.
1.02.37-->Added a reset button, to reset all spinner to their default value.
1.02.37-->Added a Fit 1:1 button to fit the rendering view to the viewport. Note that since the inteface has a minimum size it doesn't work well on smaller view!

1.02.38-->Fixed float value with framerate spinner.
1.02.62-->many improvement since 1.03.54 :-)

1.03.63-->fixed duplicate assembly.

1.03.63-->fixed the cancel makepreview.

1.03.63-->disabled the prev button while the user input codec settings.

1.03.63-->fixed the captured codec dialog on first frame.

1.03.63-->output now automatiquely adjust it's size to fit multiple of 4...( 1-3 pixel wide black line may appear to the right or bottom depending on the captured viewport size)

1.03.65-->script now remember allmost all the settings.

1.3.68-->fixed a bug while returning the from color dialog in auto mode.

1.3.68-->added additionnal check: if a scene is loaded with a valid camera,

the script will first try to select that camera before showing the warning dialog.

1.3.68-->added directory selection dialog for the output path.

1.3.68-->removed useless bmp property, since it caused a bug sometime...will add some label to show the viewport size later on :-) 

1.3.68-->added some maxlike spinner to control the numeric value ...not entirely finished, so it may introduce some bug (let me know:-)

1.3.68-->the script now save the contrast, brightness and saturation value.

1.3.69-->added back the old cam until I get the new one working... 

Version Requirement: 
anaglyph_previewer_1_03_76.rar58.1 KB


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Vistadimix's picture

Thank you so much! Everything

Thank you so much! Everything works! :)

MarTroYx's picture

I have repackaged the whole

I have repackaged the whole thing just to make it easier link at the top :-)

Cheer !!

MarTroYx's picture

Ho, then you can download the

Ho, then you can download the file "Anaglyph_Previewer_1_03_74_fix.rar" a couple of post bellow which contain the exact same dll file or use sharpdevelop to compile the assembly !!

edit : in this case you have to change the version number at line 3 of the script file from 72 --> 74

Vistadimix's picture

Thanks for the help, but

Thanks for the help, but could not you compile .dll? I have not been established Visual Studio...

MarTroYx's picture

Sorry mate , you where

Sorry mate , you where absolutely right ...I tested it on my system and it appear it was not working at all but I found back the right version (and actually tested it this time :-) so now everything should work :-)

mtxstereoengine.rar 27.38 KB
MarTroYx's picture

ok got it , if you are

ok got it ,

if you are getting this error, it can only mean one of the following :

1 : the assembly failed to load into 3dsmax namespace, so you have to make sure the .dll is located in
the same directory as the main script file as stated before, then restart 3dsmax and try again. if it still don't work, you can try specifying the direct path to the assembly at line 19 and comment/delete the line bellow.

2:the namespace of the assembly has changed, in this case you need to provide line 119 with correct path to create the form!

Hope this help,

MarTroYx's picture

Ho , almost forgot ... if

Ho , almost forgot ... if you are building the assembly, you have to make sure the version number match with the one from maxscript ...this may be why your getting this error ???

MarTroYx's picture

Hi Vistadimix, Have you tried

Hi Vistadimix,

Have you tried to change the version number at line 3 ...change the 72 part for a 74 also make sure the main .dll file is located in the same directory as the main script file !

Vistadimix's picture

Please help!

Hello, started your plugin on 3dsmax 2011 x64, and got an error. Screenshot of error attached. I would be very grateful if you help. I'd like to try your plugin!

error.jpg 16.75 KB
MarTroYx's picture

I just noticed that I left

I just noticed that I left some edit I made before I post it ...just remove the "::" at line 15 else it wont work :-)

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