ACP (Alternate Color Picker) and colorPalette

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Ofer Zelichover

An alternate color picker and color palette manager. So far only a photoshop style color picker is implemented - other types are planned for the future.

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Updates in v1.0

- ACP now supports CMYK colors
- I've rewritten ACP so that all color conversions are done through a single struct (s_color).
Though this might slow things a bit (not noticable -) the code is now somewhat more readable (I think -) and since I see ACP as mainly an educational script - I thought this would be better. - colorPalette is a palette manager that works with ACP - but can also be used as a stand alone tool. - colorPalette supports the Adobe color file format (.aco) - for both loading and saving.
** A note about colors importing from aco files: aco files allow the saving of each color swatch in it's own color space (RGB - CMYK - HSV - Lab - etc.) colorPalette does not support all of those color spaces - and some of those supported might results different colors than the ones seen in Adobe Photoshop - due to the fact that ACP and colorPalette do not use color profiles. For that reason - aco files saved with colorPalette - are always saved in RGB color space.
- Included with colorPalette is a Pantone® palette.
** Another note - this time about the Pantone palette: this palette was created using a palette found on the web. This is what the original web page said:
'The authors of this color conversion chart offer no guarantees as to accuracy. The RGB and Hexadecimal colors are reasonably close. RGB and Hex colors on screen are an approximation to the Pantone spot colors that would be printed using the Pantone Formula Guide or Pantone Matching System (PMS Guide).'
Also note - that due to differences in screen color reprasentation - colors on screen will NOT look exactly the same on different systems. You should use this palette as a reference only - and use a printed official Pantone Matching System for final color decisions.
The Pantone palette is located in the (max_root)scriptsACPPalettes folder.

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7; 6; 5
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mickeplt's picture

Gamma 2,2 compatibility

Hi, I have downloaded your script and it is great. The only "problem" is that the gamma is not at 2.2.

Can you update the script?

Thank you.

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Nice picker

Thanks for uploading this handy tool!

renderhjs's picture

great resource for color

great resource for color conversion - I used some of the color to hex conversion for a personal project and it works great, thanks a lot for posting this up.

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