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Aquarius Lighting Console

9 votes

Using a 3-channel patching system, this utility creates a far more intuitive interface for controlling a mass number of lights.


10 votes

This is just a simple Tool i used for my last project, its just a quick way to setup some lights to only include/exclude a group of geometry.

Corona Scene Fix

2 votes

A Script for Applying Fast Changes to  All or Selected Lights and Materials in the Scene and Clearing Paths from Render Elements .

UPDATE v1.1 :

-The Script Now Work as Expected .

UPDATE v1.11 :

-Fixing Materials not Working in Some Cases , Fixed .

Dome Light

21 votes

Create sphere array of lights to simulate GI for fast rendering.

Dome Light

Environment Lighting HDR Studio (MR)

3 votes


This Script allows to insert a Environment map HDR in the scene and simluate a virtual set for rendering "white". Also useful in the preparation of illuminated images in HDRi.

New features (work in progress):

Change Log v.0.9


1 vote

Let FumeFX lights convenient and fast, specifically to see the video demo


2 votes

Creates a VRay Light Select Element for each light in your scene.

Elements are named with prefix of the nameTag variable. You can change this variable if necessary for your pipeline. To do so you will need to open the script and modify the variable within the struct.

Default nameTag = "lgt_"

HDR dome light for max 2009

37 votes

I have modified the amazing script HDR dome light from Chris Subagio and now it works in Max 2009;
also, I have added some new features, and now it works OK if you link it to a moving object.

It uses Spot lights with Shadow Map, so it´s very fast, about 7 seconds the renders I have attached
in a Quad Q6600 2´4Ghz.

But it has a little problem: if there are many dome lights in the same scene linked to many moving
objects, the global illumination has changes along the time, with brighter and darker frames.

This is not always, only sometimes.

Include/Exclude Selected Objects From Lights

1 vote

Include/Exclude Selected Objects From Light

1. Select objects
2. Run Script
3. Select lights you wish the objects to be exclude/included from
4. Right click when finished

Script Features:
-Applies selected objects to chosen light's exclude/include list
-Automatically deselects invalid objects
-Prints list of chosen lights

Let me know if anything can be improved or cleaned up!

IOR - Index Refraction

0 votes

Simple, harmless and silly script which allows you to view data of index refraction or IOR in the listbox

ior - reflection index

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