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dotNet links

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A collection of links to dotNet + MAXScript information available. If you find a useful post, add it in the comments and this post will be updated to include it.

How to build and destroy a procedural Wall

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in this tutorial we will create and destroy a procedural wall in 3dsMAX using Standard Geometries, SpaceWarps and ParticleFlow without scripting tecniques. We will also use the plug-in ParicleActionsPlus wich gives a good control on particles positioning. Lastly we will use collisions to make fly the bricks of the wall. This tutorial will take more or less 45 minutes for an intermediate level of difficulty

Be gamma correct!

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gamma corrected color checker

Gamma correction is one of those buzz words that are really easy in
terms of theory and math but confusing in how they are applied in
practice. As a consequence, it is largely ignored by many graphics
practicioners. This illustrated 10 page article is my attempt at
clarifying gamma correction in the context of 3D CGI by answering most
of the typical questions: "What is gamma? Why do we have it? When should I perform gamma correction? And what happens if I just ignore it?"

Setting up Ultra Edit as your Maxscript Editor

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This document is meant to get a person RAPIDLY set up to use Ultra Edit as a maxscript editor. This is made possible by a bridge created by Simon Feltman at Rezn8 studios. This bridge enables any third party editor to call internal Max functions. In our case, we will set up our text editor to call 3 internal Max functions, Evaluate, Open, and Encrypt.

Creating a Custom Parametric Object with MAXScript

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Quoted from article:

"It’s one thing to create simple scripts with MAXScript to display a rollout and perform a few tasks. But if you find yourself creating the same type of object over and over again, you might want to take a crack at creating your own parametric object.

LED style animation with MAXScript

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Just illustration of an example approach which can be done and without writing code but there also a few points where using MAXScript can save alot of time.

Ok, this I start just as idea for quick reply into the forum but as I remember LED style animation is popular task in animators colleges and as am not sure if there is a similar tutorial, I made this.

pflow scripting - getting particles to transform from one object to anoter

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pflow script turorial on how to get particles to transform from one object to another via scripting

Python in 3D Studio Max, Maya and Blender - examples

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I've recently created 3 scripts that create (almost) the same scene in 3 different applications (Maya, Max and Blender). They are intended to serve as a source of code snippets for future projects and examples of how to do stuff in those applications - something like Blender's cookbook.

Clear out the dead wood from the layer manager

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Clear out the dead wood from the layer manager

Occasionally, you end up with a load of layers in your scene that are no use to anybody, serve no function to society, and end up taking valuable space like an unwanted uncle at a wedding.

How To Rig A Crank-Connecting Rod System

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A = Angle Of Rotation
B = Rod Size
R = Crank Radius


A = "X"_Rotation*180/pi
B = "30"
R = "10"

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