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Maxscript deadline submit script tutorial

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Submitting jobs to deadline is not very difficult, but it can be automated with maxscript. It’s always a good thing to automate when you can. And it’s a good thing to submit stuff to a render-queue to free your own computer from the workload. So why not submit automated maxscript-jobs to deadline instead of renderjobs? Well, you can do that relatively easily with deadline. Consider this if you need to process a large amount of meshes with maxscript, or do some kind of image-manipulation with maxscript. Or do this when you have some kind of scripted renderpipeline.

Dynamics Setup

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This is a technical demonstration of the dynamic system used in our 3D Max based shows.

CGWiki - MAXScript Info Page

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A detailed wiki entry on MAXScript. Includes development history, language overview, possible applications, etc. A good read even for those of us who have been around MAXScript for a while!

Lets Play With Array

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A simple MaxScript tutorial that I wrote to help on question posted into the ScriptSpot forum. Of course, I written it in PDF file and also to facilitate the readers, in manner what allow to read it without bound the context to the forum topic. I was try as well to make it simple for the novice coders. I hope you learn something from it.

Best Regards,


Rig / Animate tanks

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Hi everyone,

"Gearing" is a 3ds Max script, helpful by rigging and animating of tanks, excavators, dredges etc.
The new version supports automatic path following, acceleration / deceleration.
The script is commercial. I intend to add a demo to the new edition, however the 1 st version comes with a limited demo.
The next two tutorials introduce the script's basics.
If you take interest in this area you may watch them at:
1. (1 st version) http://youtu.be/LzhH0fY1Y0Q
2. (2 nd version) http://youtu.be/VPFjEXvReF4

Thanks for watching!

Calling Maxscript Functions from DotNet

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Calling Maxscript Functions from DotNet

I thought I’d draw attention to a few enhancements that Autodesk has made
with the new release in the hope that it will help you with your
scripts. The private/public methods in struct declaration in MXS was a
welcome addition, but I was hoping for a few extras in the dotnet area
too. The main one to note is -

How to quickly create a Car Rig using XrayCat Survival Toolkit 1.0

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We'll demonstrate an easier and intuitive way to associate reactions to the controls of a rig, using only XrayCAT ST instead of Reaction Manager.

Tutorial sections:
- Basic rig structure creation
- States definition using CAT layers and JoyCreator
- Conclusion: animation test of the car rig

Maxscript tutorial: Read external text file

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As the titles says this tutorial is about reading an external txt file. My friend asked me how to read and external text file using maxscript. He wanted to create a tool that grab system directory paths from an external predefined text file. Check the full tutorial here....

Kindest Regards

Alaa Alnahlawi

Bokeh in 3dsmax with particle flow and maxscript

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Note from admin - I just ran across this great tutorial showing how to use maxscript and pflow to render fast, simulate dof based on camera focus.


This script will define particle’s scale and transparency depends on camera’s focus. Now you can animate the geometry or the camera and render the particles with scanline. Don’t forget to cache all the particles for viewport/render using the Cache operator.

This setup renders pretty fast as opposed to mental ray’s or vray’s honest dof. And we have fast bokeh effect with the ability to inceract with scene geometry.

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