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  • multidimensional Array
  • conform to surface, align to normal
  • various options for scaling and rotation

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hyperclone_1_3.zip13.26 KB


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errors in listener

as follows:

Error occurred in HyperClone defined in C:\Users\xxx\Autodesk\3ds Max 2018\Max Creation Graph\Packages\HyperClone.mcg - System.Runtime.InteropServices.SEHException, External component has thrown an exception. at Int32 Mesh_GetNumVertices(System.Runtime.InteropServices.HandleRef) at Autodesk.Max.MaxPlus.MaxPlusPINVOKE.Mesh_GetNumVertices(HandleRef jarg1) at Viper3dsMaxBridge.Converters.TriMeshToMaxMesh(TriMesh mesh, Mesh maxMesh, TriMesh originalMesh) at Viper3dsMaxBridge.MeshUpdaterPluginInstance.UpdateMesh(Int32 time, Mesh maxMesh, Object[] args)


(the MCG seems to run fine though. and it's a beauty)

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error call needs fonction or class

everytime i reopen 3ds max i got:
Type error: Call needs function or class, got: undefined
When i open a scene where i use hyperclone.
Any idea why ?


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Yeah, saw the

Yeah, saw the ACloneOnCurve.

It'll be good if it had all the options of the spacing tool though...

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didn't the ACloneOnCurve work ? get from MCG Sample Pack

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clone along spline / spacing

A simple clone along a spline mcg would be good, like an mcg version of the tools-align-spacing tool.

I tried and failed miserably!

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Seems I should start posting on FB then

so, I'm going viral? better add cats to the scripts.

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share on FB

arrgg...I didn't wanna steal your thunder and post this on FB, I thought you should have the chance to introduce yourself there with a BANG !!! But someone beat you/me to it...


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On a Second thought, a Spherical array should do the job, I will look in to it when I can have some spare time.

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I really don't experimented too much using it, was more like an experiential exercise. You can orient the reference surface in any direction you like, as long the cloned object Z axis is opposed to the surface (maybe I can add a selector for the projection axis), but I don't think its possible for a full 3d convex surface, you will be better scattering using face normals than some sort of raycast.

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