Math Float Controller

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My first MCG Controller, this is a super simple Math Float Controller, it allows you to mix controller types together without having to use a list controller. 

If you want to do something simple like have an object in a position and then add a noise controller to that position you can use this.

If you want to set up slate materials with tiling values linked to one Bezier Float controller that gets multiplied on certain values, you can!

There's a few user-quirks that appear in 3dsmax when you work like this, but hopefully they'll be improved for max 2017.

Additional Info: 

To install this, you must have 3dsmax 2016, the SP1 and EXT1 installed.

Open up Max
Go to Scripting -> Install Max Creation Graph (.mcg) Package

Find the downloaded .mcg file.

Now in your list of float controllers you'll have a 'Math_Float'


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Other Requrements: 
Max 2016 EXT1
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