MCG Edge Length Display

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This MCG displays edge length of visible edges in your mesh. Will also work for spline, as in straight segments, ie. not the curve of a circle

ver 1.01: added unit display...with chicken foot symbol for feet...well it's my MCG and I can do whatever I want..

ver 1.02: added miles and kms

ver 1.03: updated the Vu_GetVisibleEdges compound so that all edges are now unique. Previously, non-open edges were doubled don't notice it as the displays are doubled up in exactly the same place...but now they are all single edges.

If you want to just get at my compound (eg. there's a Plexus MCG posted that you might want to use my compound for proper open edges display and also no tris...then you can extract the comound manually by renaming mcg file to zip...)

ver 1.04: very silly of me...the whole point of this was No Duplicates...but somehow I left out the RemoveDuplicates logic....DOH!!!'s back in properly now..

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Max2016 + SP3 + EXT2, Max2017
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