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This MCG creates a honeycomb structure.

Pretty sure you don't need a video for this one. It will appear in Create Panel, not Modifier.

Love bees people, without them who's gonna polinate your plants for you ?

I've made a boo boo, it's currently found in Create Panel>Geometry. It should've been under Max Creation Graph, will fix in next update.

Ver 2.00.00: Updated to give Rings and the magic ingredient.....Gap. Create beeautiful patterns that look like they're straight from Dorne...or is that one of Littlefinger's finer establishments ???

Ver 2.00.01: minor update so as you make adjustments, it centres itself rather than growing/shrinking from the bottom left corner.

Ver 2.03.00: I've decided to polinate this properly. I've opened up the Sides parameter. So of course the minimum you could have is a triangle but diamonds, pentagons, octagons....all are welcomed. The combos are now virtually limitless...(Also added Rotations)

Any small donations to [email protected] would be greatly appreciated. I intend to then fully donate onto the following:

Thankyou. Meow. Woof. Moooo. Oink. Grrrl.....Bzzzz...

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vu_honeycomb_1.00.00.zip6.64 KB
vu_honeycomb_2.00.00.zip8.36 KB
vu_honeycomb_2.00.01.zip8.68 KB
vu_honeycomb_2.02.00.zip9.13 KB
vu_honeycomb_2.03.00.zip9.83 KB
vu_honeycomb_2.03.00_package.zip18.75 KB


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I can't seem to get it to work

I can't seem to get it to work in 3ds max 2017, i keep getting a dotNet runtime error...Couldnt find Vu_honeycomb.maxtool in a file path even after copying it there, perhaps i domt quite know how to install it as I'm relatively new to 3ds max and scripting

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custom shape...

I have been thinking about a generic version where you can pick your own shape/object but then it's getting too similar to another 'cloner'...I'll think about it ;)

Also could you describe, screenprint the bugs ? So I can try to fix it ?

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custom shape

very nice, if there will be option for custom shape / mesh / spline selection, it will be very nice.

still there are bugs in the script with RotX & RotY.


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OK found the missing compound

It is from Swordslayer so thank him for that.

I've included the Honeycomb Package and also all the compounds from Swordslayer who gave me help when I started tinkering with MCG.

Installing the Package should do it, last resort is to just copy the compounds...

AttachmentSize 18.75 KB 3.01 KB
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Sample Pack

see if you can get it from there, else i'll take a look soon...but yeah that is weird...

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VectorValueAtIndex is missing

Hi Vusta

Thanks for the great mcg!
One quick question. i get error "Unknown node type VectorValueAtIndex".
I checked, it is not a compound.
Why do you think it can not find VectorValueAtIndex?


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