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Various FX on your face....of a 3D geo that is...

Free for Non-commercial use.

ver 1.01: fixed bug so that now all sides of a box (specifically +/-X) rotate about the edge correctly

ver 1.02: the fix in 1.01 made any non-boxy objects slightly wonky (eg. a sphere) so this fix is to fix that. There is still a very small chance you might get some faces not rotating on the exact edge...say on a sphere or cylinder...just try changing the number of radial segments a bit...

ver 1.03: added Flip option for each FX.

ver 1.04: now works for ay shape (I hope) it doesn't have to be nicely rectangular or square...Rotation will now rotate on an edge accurately...just cycle thru the edges..there's no more 'Opposite Edge'....and no more 'diagonal' edge (but you could fake it by using Face Centre then adjust the components to using 2 of 3)...I think this is a very small price to pay for correct Edge Rotation.

FYI, I have done a Pro version. The extras over the free version are:

- Randomizations

- Separate Falloff/Bubble/Pinch for Scale FX

- G Force FX

- Liquid Metal FX

- Edge Hyper Rotation

Please watch video for demos. To get this Pro version, you'll have to shout me a beer by emailing me then I'll send a payment request for $5 USD. I'm not a businessman so I won't shove this down your throat so please don't shove the Customer Is Always Right BS down mine. Don't like it ? Don't buy, it's simple as that.

Please note, MCG currently does not cope very well with high number of meshes (an object with 5000 polys => 5000 meshes under the hood) is.... well, nothing in terms of sculpting with millions of polys...but that's how things are with MCG at the momment. So be aware.

3ds Max Version Requirement: 
Other Requrements: 
2016 + SP3, 2017
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vu_ibreakayouface_1.00.zip21 KB
ibreakayouface1.jpg557.86 KB
vu_ibreakayouface_1.01.zip17.71 KB
vu_ibreakayouface_1.02.zip21.71 KB
vu_ibreakayouface_1.03.zip21.89 KB
vu_ibreakayouface_1.04.zip19.41 KB


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Very useful. Thank you.

Very useful. Thank you.

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I think feedback +2 more VFX essence

delete face(particle age)

or delete area (shape) object pick

poly island peel bending

fold type such a (try3 box4 nut8 circle) things.

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Henry Ford would have said:

You can use any geo you long as it's a sphere...(ie. point + radius)

Nah...due to perf. issues, best not to implement Vol Select for now..but maybe when things improve in the future...

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Great tool

Congratulation man. Great tool.

I would have e feature sugestion if it's possible: instead of the Point, can you add a "By geometry" feature? A sort of (Volume Select) modifier?


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note for 2016 you need the Extension too, 2017+ don't.

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very nice but in which 3d max

very nice but in which 3d max version i can install mcg

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but you can do better just scalin' !!!! C'mon, let's really break em up...break em break em break em...

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Nice script!

Thanks for this, I have enjoyed playing with this script. I'm not into animation so I will only use this for a bit of fun, I have tried it on standard text inside Max. I've included a video of this.

Much appreciated :)

Note the AVI video I uploaded uses XVID codec...

10000.avi 297.67 KB
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I need this,thanks

I need this,thanks

MCG is interesting

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