MCG Normalise Spline

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(The 'internal' compound you see there in the zip file is for ppl who wants to use this compound in their MCG, ie. you may create your own internal Spline rather than picking an external node)

ver 1.02: exposed Samples parameter. When you have 'drastically' different seg lengths, you'll notice missing divisions at the end of the normalised spline, just crank up the Samples to correct this.

ver 1.03: now samples spline at segment level so drastically different seg length does not result in missing end divisions (also updated 'internal' compound)

ver 1.04: tiny little bug, it wasn't respecting the last Orig Spline Vert, now it does..

ver 1.05: Added SubSteps for when Count is low or Length is large (ie. coarse)

ver 1.06: changed lower limits, allow to go lower than 10.

ver 1.07: added..................................dotted line option........

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2016 + SP2/3 + EXT1/2, 2017
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