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This extremely simple MCG will parse though the quads (or tris) of your geometry. You can parse 1 face/quad at a time or grow from the start.

Another one for you mographers I think...(will work on a closed curve too, ie. text)

Ver 1.01.00: Added Reverse option. Reverse Grow however is not working. I'm trying to fix it.

Ver 1.02.00: Reverse Grow now works properly.

 (use this link if Youtube is blocked for some...

Ver 2.00.00: is an experimental version where you can pick another object (doesn't have to be flat) as an unwrapper/shapeshifter...whatever...experiment at your own peril !!! I'm still 'wrapping' my head around this to see how to take advantage of it....

Ver 2.01.00: also experimental to show cloning on Quad faces

Ver 2.02.00: added OffsetFirstTri flag. You MUST get the latest VuQuadMidpoint/Normal compounds too. Also added alignment.

Ver 2.03.00: added surface Offset, Rot Adjustments...and Clone Step...

Ver 2.05.00: added Emitter Step, fixed Surface Offset bug, all modes now working properly, added WTF settings...yes it's my MCG and that's what I'll call it....also fixed -Z normal bug.

Ver 2.06.00: Added Invert Selection on Emitter and also Invert Clone Step. See illustrations.

 Ver 2.07.00: fixed CanGetMeshFromNode bug

Any small donations to [email protected] would be greatly appreciated. I intend to then fully donate onto the following:

Thankyou. Meow. Woof. Moooo. Oink. Grrrl.....

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vu_parse_quads_1.00.00.zip2.97 KB
vu_parse_quads_1.01.00.zip2.23 KB
vu_parse_quads_1.02.00.zip5.25 KB
vu_parse_quads_2.00.00_experimental.zip5.84 KB
vu_parse_quads_2.01.00_experimental.zip15.03 KB
vu_parse_quads_2.02.00_experimental.zip27.66 KB
vu_parse_quads_2.03.00.zip29.12 KB
vu_parse_quads_2.05.00.zip81.3 KB
vu_parse_quads_2.06.00.zip22.39 KB
vu_parse_quads_2.07.00.zip23.75 KB


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ver 2.07

to fix CanGetMeshFromNode bug

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Chúc mừng nhé! Cố gắng phát huy nhé Pro. Bạn có thể nói tiếng việt được k :)

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really cool

now work thx__________

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let's try the package

try installing this mcg package...

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i don't know

vu_parse.jpg 450.97 KB
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sounds like you have more than one output...

just check on the far right (usually) that there's only 1 'output'
otherwise could you do a screenprint ?

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don't work for me

Validation failed for C:/Users/admin/Autodesk/3ds Max 2016/Max Creation Graph/Tools/Vu_Parse_Quads.maxtool : Multiple output nodes found

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Thanks vusta
The problem has been resolved
Look forward to your updated version

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