MCG Spiderwebs

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Creates simple spiderwebs with splines. Found in Create Panel>Shape>Vu


ver 1.01: added options to weaving.

Ver 1.02: Added gravity control for Spans

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EXT1 + SP2
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vu_spiderwebs_1.00.zip24.17 KB
vu_spiderwebs_1.01.zip24.9 KB
vu_spiderwebs_1.02.zip27.03 KB


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Thanks so much for your help! I'm having a look at your graph right now! Super organized!

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MCG is a (zipped up) package.

when you install the MCG package, the maxtool is extracted into:

C:\Users\xxx\Autodesk\3ds Max 201X\Max Creation Graph\Tools\xyz

the compile/eval creates .ms and .txt as well. But anyway, after you installed the MCG package, just open up Max Creation Graph Editor>File>Open...navigate to whatever maxtool file (somewhere in above directory)...Robert the Bruce is your uncle...

Before you start modifying ANYTHING, backup this dir first:

C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 201X\MaxCreationGraph

it contains Tools and Compounds that are system defined. User defined ones, like mine, you can f**k them all up however you want...if you f**k something worries, just redownload them...but for the system defined ones.....boy oh boy.....don't ever F**K themp up....

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I may just be newbtastic but...

I don't think you can open the graph of a .MCG file. I think the graph only exists in the .MAXTOOL file. Is there a way to open the graph out of the compiled .MCG file that I just don't know about, or some way to decompile a compiled file?

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all MCGs are reverse engineerable...none are encrypted....just dive in and dissect the crap out of them...

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Very nice work!

I wonder if I could get a look at your actual graph. I'm trying to self teach the MCG, and good examples of spline work would go a long way to helping me achieve this goal.

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use search engine ?

any will for

install MCG

not that hard.

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Need some help to install PLZ!!
I don't know anything about MCG

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I use feet sorry so could be that yeah. I model architecture but thought cobwebs might be fun to use in some places. Cheers for the feedback though :)

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lemme check

if it's right as per your change i'll change it...anything weird with your scale ?

I work in cm, so here's my default spiderwebs next to a 180cm tall dude...doesn't look like there's any weird stuff going on...

win 7, max 2017.1

spiderwebs.jpg 331.34 KB
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Default Noise is 40

Hi hope you don't mind but I edited your latest 1.02 mcg as the default noise value was 40 so I saved it as 0. As you can see from the attachment it looks wrong. Note I use 3D Max 2017

I won't upload the mcg as I feel its wrong to do so but I thought I'd let you know that it might be better to change the noise value to 0 and allow the user to increase this value.

Anyway useful esp when Jokermartini charges for similar.

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