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You can use a Sweep to loft on multi-curve spline....but you lose the Scale functionality of the normal Loft. Enter this....MCG Sweep Scale.


Then can be found in modifier list (naturally, you should add a Sweep first)


ver 1.01: option to work with non-Sweep objects (doubt if you need this but what the hell...)

ver 1.02: - tried my best to fix the glitches at start of each element, I've fixed the 2nd loop but the 1st loop of each element is still not playing nicely. This is due to the operator MeshElements screwing up the verts order.

 - also added option to scale the mesh as ONE even thought it may be physically made of several elements. In this case, it works perfectly, there are no glitches at the start.

ver 1.03: fixed the glitches at the start of each element. So you can donate now !!!

ver 1.04: fixed Spline Interpolation Max2017 defect (the Scale curve).


3ds Max Version Requirement: 
Other Requrements: 
2016 + Extension1/2 + SP3, 2017, 2018
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vu_sweepscale_1.00.zip8.05 KB
vu_sweepscale_1.01.zip8.18 KB
vu_sweepscale_1.02.zip9.89 KB
vu_sweepscale_1.03.zip16.48 KB
vu_sweepscale_1.04.zip16.76 KB


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vusta's picture

rename .mcg to .zip

extract all to:
C:\Users\xxx\Autodesk\3ds Max 2018\Max Creation Graph\Tools

in Graph Editor, open Vu_SweepScale.maxtool from above


Don't ask....however AD is auto converting pre-2018 graphs to 2018 graphs is none of my business...

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2018 Error

Hi, just tried to install this inside 3D Max 2018.3 and get the following installation error

Type resolution error occured at node 20:For Each. Mismatched number of arguments from Fn2[Array[Vector3],Array[Vector3]->Array[Vector3]] to Fn1[T->U]

vusta's picture

little trick

to show that your Scale curve does not necessarily have to be linear, ie. it can be any shape, curling back on
a circle,

vusta's picture

ver 1.04:

fixed Spline Interpolation Max2017 defect (the Scale curve).
(this is AD's fault)

If you have 2018, the Spline Influence is quite nice....check this video

there it shows you can create a 'lump' in the Scale curve so if you animate the Influence helper going left to right, then cycle the keys
to repeat forever, you'd have the lump going thru the Sweep as a loop.

If you don't have 2018, you could still do similar effect with Affect Region...but a bit more clunky.

vusta's picture

i tested in 2016

usually it should work for 2017/18 also...i'll check soon

titane357's picture

So, you mean it is time for

So, you mean it is time for me to switch to 3dsmax2018 ?
I use 2017, and it don't work, I tried on max 2018 and works fine...
Thanks for your patience... :-)

vusta's picture

what about this setup...

as with the current version, all you have to do is have 3 verts
in the middle of the Scale curve, animate them going left or right
and the lumps should appear to go thru the Sweep geometries.

3swallowedmice.jpg 244.08 KB
titane357's picture

yes :-)

yes :-)
but as we don't eat every day a mouse, all the vertice of the spline should move horizontally to make everything cool !

vusta's picture the mouse a lump

and now you just want the lump to travel along the path of the sweep ?

titane357's picture

Hi, I agree with you, because

Hi, I agree with you, because I wasn't clear enough.
When I say moving vertices horizontally, I mean to be able to move the position of the scale (not the scale value itself).
It would be fantastic to move the vertice horizontally to make a mouse eaten by a snake, you know ?
Thanks for your hard work.

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