MCG Venetian Blind

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This MCG takes one vane, clone them evenly up to your window height. As you pullup the blind, the vanes move accordingly and naturally you can rotate the vanes to Open/Close positions. Too lazy to get around to doing a video...I think you get the idea.

Ver 1.01.00: now as you pull up the blind, the vanes bunch up correctly at the bottom. The Thickness is not meant to be physically correct, it is a 'tweaker' only. Ideally, it should be the same thickness as your source vane.

Took me days to work this out, did ask for help none...I think it's just me with no idea how to use FB and/or lacking ppl skills...oh well...

Finally, did something on me own...of course, if you want vertical blinds...just turn it 90deg.

Ver 1.01.01: Tidied up comments in graph to help someone studying it.

Ver 1.02.00: Added random MatIDs and random rotations


Any small donations to [email protected] would be greatly appreciated. I intend to then fully donate onto the following:


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Shouldn't need MCG Sample Pack I don't think...but doesn't hurt to have it...
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vu_mcgvenetianblind_1.00.00.zip4.78 KB
vu_mcgvenetianblind_1.01.00.zip8.1 KB
vu_mcgvenetianblind_1.01.01.zip8.28 KB
vu_mcgvenetianblind_1.02.00.zip11.93 KB


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Updated to Ver 1.02.00

added random rotations and MatIDs.

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Updated to ver 1.01.01

Updated comments in graph in case someone wants to dissect/learn from it. I did my best but I'm not a professor so cut me some slack for any slight inaccuracies. And if you are some professor out there who understands it completely and wants to enlighten me with some would be very much appreciated.


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Updated to ver 1.01.00

This now will correctly bunch up at the bottom. Accessorise your windows now...

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arrgg..stupid me...forgot to evaluate !!!

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OffsetMesh function

hi everyone,

I was just tweaking my design since I think as you pull up the blind, it should start compressing from bottom up to the next lowest vane rather than uniformly compressing the entire height, ie. you should see the bottom vane 'looks' like it's getting thicker and thicker as it goes up.

Anyway, I digress, I disconnected the OffsetMesh function and everything still works fine...WHY ? I followed a tute from Elara Systems and this is how they did it.


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