Wavy pattern

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Tool for creating patterned grids
Wavy pattern

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Original idea - "Procedural Animation - Kam Wong/Dick Thung"

v1.1 added support for 3ds max 2016 and 2017
Fixed incorrect symmetry work for the shape.

Version for 3d max 2016 and 2017 - WavyPattern_2016.zip
Version for 3d max 2018 - WavyPattern_2018.zip

3ds Max Version Requirement: 
Other Requrements: 
2016 + Ext1/2 + SP3, 2017, 2018
Video URL: 
wavypattern_2016.zip233.57 KB
wavypattern_2018.zip227.78 KB


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vusta's picture

don't give a toss even if you use whatever since 2 billion

years ago....DOS.....pffft...

Malte's picture

opinions are like...

software that comes with proper documentation is more succesfull.

a short text how to install would help a lot of beginners.

as i said im not even needing this info i use max since 4 for DOS.
i am trying to enhance things.. you are just rambling.

and if you take a second to think about your reply you will see the problem with your "logic"... or maybe not.

vusta's picture

i find it surprising that it takes 2 secs..

to type in 'install MCG' into some search engine..

hit enter...but ppl can't spend 2 secs on that but instead spend 5 secs complaining the author hadn't done enough...

Malte's picture

thx for the tool... but a

thx for the tool... but a little bit of info how to install and where to find it would go a long way.

not for me... but i find it always surprising that people put a lot of effort and time into their scripts and than take not 2 minutes to write a short readme.

vusta's picture

no what I'm saying is...

allow the user to pick a circle say, or hexagon...ie a CLOSED shape.

At the moment, I think you are expecting the user to model half the shape, then you internally mirror it into a closed shape.

So simply, don't do internal mirroring, just let the user pick a circle, or star or Ngon...and that's it.

Maxis's picture

The algorithm used here does

The algorithm used here does not allow the use of non-symmetric forms.
I think it's possible to make a non-closed form, I'll try add later.

deltac's picture

max 2017

Would be cool make the same for 2017 :(

ali shafiee's picture

have a problem to install

Hi maxis .thanks for make this mcg . when i am trying to install , i cannot because after the install i havenot message successfully and i have failed massage. my 3dsmax version is 2017 .regards

compuhms's picture


I wonder if you can make a version for 3ds max 2016. Thanks

arch. Hazem Mamdouh

vusta's picture

great stuff..!!!

except I'm not sure why you prefer to have the custom Shape as half then mirrored. Most likely, say someone wants to use a custom shape, they would use say a hexagon, or a star...or triangle (note all CLOSED splines)....if you force the user to 'model' an open spline (ie. half shape) then do an internal mirror...I think it's a bit unwieldy...anyway, your MCG, you can do whatever you like !!! I love the patterns tho !!!

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