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Call for Python tutorials

I've been seeing a lot of discussion about using Python with 3ds Max for quite a while now... I'd love to get some resources up describing Python - 3ds Max integration / workflow / processes. If you've got or would write a beginner tutorial or even an advanced tutorial, please share it with the community!

Some questions to get the ball rolling... What is Python? How does it compare to MAXScript? Why should someone use Python? Is Python best for end users or developers? How do you create a simple "hello world" Python script?

XrayCat ST 1.5 Sneak Peek

First look of new version of XrayCat ST 1.5

info ta:

Happy New Year

As we're all crossing into 2014 in our different timezones I'd like to take a moment to wish you all a prosperous, eventful new year! Stay safe everyone!

Thanks for continuing to support ScriptSpot!

Para 3d v3.3 has been just released !

Para 3d 3.2 is now available from our license manager .

Latest built V 3.3 released 30th September 2013.

Bugs fixed:

  • Bugs around controller Copy/paste function
  • Bugs in creating parametric arrays from a selection of MAX objects
  • Bugs in computing normal vector in Mesh Controller
  • Bugs in collection controller

New Para Features :

Autoweight 1.0 Promotion Video

Hi guys

just wanted to share the news with you:
Autoweight 1.0 is about to be release shortly.

This video features some workflow impressions using the new version.
Autoweight's core was completely rewritten to provide you with more stability and speed.

Autoweight version 0.060 is available

Hi guys and gals,

I would like to thank everybody who contributed with feedback and questions to the development of the new version of Autoweight.

The new version 0.060 comes with an installer so you don't need to hassle around with the mzp-stuff anymore. Just extract the zip, execute the setup and follow the instructions of the installer.
After starting 3DS Max you'll find "Kogen's Tools" -> "Autoweight" in your "Costumize user interface" category when everything went right.

3ds Max 2014 Extension Available

The latest subscription extension for 3ds Max 2014 is available for download within your Autodesk subscription account.

Key features for this update are Point Cloud Support, Python Scripting & Stereo Camera (available via Autodesk Exchange).


RappaTools3 Script for 3ds Max has been Released !

RappaTools3 will make your life easier by helping you get things done easy and fast in your everyday tasks that go in 3ds Max.

Some of the Benefits you will get:
* NEW: Now with ChamferOp produce great topology without pinching.
* Never struggle again with the ribbon.
* Have everything in one place for quick access.
* You will produce better results in less time.
* Many tasks will be replaced with one click of a button.
* Intuitive hotbox access for a faster workflow.

Python scripting coming in 3ds Max 2014 Extension

Autodesk has announced an Extension for 3ds Max 2014 that includes support for point clouds, Python scripting & stereo cameras. Of particular interest to many of you on ScriptSpot - here's a blurb about Python support from the announcement:

An important thread about 3ds Max on MU

There's an important discussion happening on MaxUnderground regarding the development of 3ds Max. I'd encourage all of you who are passionate about 3ds Max & make a living using it to share your experiences.

FYI comments on this post are disabled to ensure all comments regarding this subject are centralized at MaxUnderground.


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