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ShaderFX is a full-featured real-time shader editor for 3ds Max. It allows
artists with no previous programming experience to build complex HLSL
FX shaders for use in Max's viewport and in external game engines.

Note: this is a commercial script


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This is an external lexer for the scintilla based maxscript editor that ships with 3dsmax 2008 and later.

It adds syntax highlighting for C++, C#, Python and Ruby source code to the editor. This comes in handy if you are doing just-in-time compilation of external source through .NET.

Syntax highlighting file for Crimson Editor

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This is a replacement syntax highliting keyword file for Crimson Editor. It contains nearly all functions - system globals - structs - and a decent number of the major classes as of Max 7. More than 1470 keywords are defined in all -- it's big.

UltraEdit & UEStudio Wordfile

8 votes

MaxScript wordfile for UltraEdit32 and/or UEStudio. (http://www.ultraedit.com)

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