Max to Sunflow Exporter v0.24 released

I've released another new version of the SunFlow Exporter. This one adds a few features and bugfixes:

- adds support for Hair and Fur modifiers
- adds support for the Amb-Occ shader
- adds support for Multi/Sub-Object materials
- adds a "Skip geometry" checkbox. Useful if you've already exported your geometry, and just want to fiddle with the materials or sunflow settings
- fixes a bug where exporting a scene more than once resulted in the bump modifiers being left out
- fixes a problem with naming bump modifiers
- bumpmaps now work in Uber shaders
- fixes bumpmaps on instanced objects being missed
- fixes a bug in the way that camera transforms are exported
- finally fixes the "center" value for IBL (to get this to work properly, you will need to set the "U Tiling" value in Max to -1)

This is probably the last major version of the script for now, because just about everything is in there. So I'll just be doing bug-fixes from now on (if needed).