Rename Bitmaps for exporting

Is there any script out there that allows me to rename the bitmaps used in my scene and update the name in 3ds max materials?
I have for example bitmaps used in scene:

Wood_cgtextures_01_VeryCOOL Lighting_Effect.jpg
Just Another Wood material Name With Spaces in its name.tga

And i want to rename these bitmaps (both in 3ds max and "windows" so they "match") to a name i would like (of my choise)+ automaticly append numbers, so for example


I need this for proper exporting to some formats (like 3ds for example).

I didnt find any script that does this, i like Neil Blevins Name manager from soulburn scripts, but it doesnt handle renaming the bitmaps (just maps, materials etc. not really bitmaps)

Does such a "simple" but needed script exist please?


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Try Bitmap Tracking / Resizing
Demo should work up to 3 bitmaps at one time. For more you need full version.
I can send you full test version too. Just send me your e-mail.

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Finally, is there any script like this freely available now?

I'm curious if there's a free script do this task well at the moment. I also search for weeks and not really find out anything work as expected.

There's one called "duberBitmapCollector" that closest to this request, but in my PC I couldn't got it work well.

Is there any popular/famous script doing this task (which perhaps I'm not aware of). Please tell me, any suggestion welcome.

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for bitmaps in currently opened scene try this:

for bitmaps and assets in multiple max files try this:


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Suggestion of scripts

Thanks for suggestions. Anyway, your tools is theoritically great. Of course it might be really good but seem it doesn't provide test version that contain features that I ask above.
None of functions works in demo version. It is only inteface for now"

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Well i would like a universal

Well i would like an universal script if possible, i dont need to "fix" just one file, ill need it also in future for fixing other files (a LOT of files), so i would prefer universal script where i can enter a name of my choice + automatic counter
I will be using short names to be able to export the model and TEXTURES correctly to the format *.3ds which supports only 8 characters for a texture (bitmap) name.

So i would like the names for textures as

Where the "SN" is a name of my choice entered (for a SNow tree for example) and the 001-005 is automaticly added counting number.

Just simple stuf with automatic number adding (001 az 999)

Is it possible please?

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Yup. But can be too slow for sure


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:-) i dont understand :-)? Do

:-) i dont understand :-)? Do you mean with that its time consuming to script it? Or that the runnning of such script/processing of the scene textures could be slow (few minutes)?

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I mean both. Beacause of that meny threats related to this topic are not finished


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Oh... i didnt know what i

Oh... i didnt know what i thought its easy, i dont need any collector or something like that "just" the renamer :-(...

So you wont be able to do that :-(?

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Hello and thanks

Hello and thanks :-), but im not sure how to use it, i have a scene with vray or standard materials (i tried them both) assigned on the objects and also in the material editor, i have selected all scene objects and try to run the script, but it gives me just a warning "Bitmap File not exist!", what am i doing wrong and how should one exactly use your script?

BTw about the collectin the bitmaps into one folder, theres no need for special script, since max has a default feature in Utilities called "resource collector", so collecting resources into one folder is covered, but i did not managed yet to rename them succesfully, what am i doing wrong please?

(Neverthless thanks for the script of course :-)! )

I am using 3ds max 2009 64 bit (window 7) by the way.

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