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.ply file importer

9 votes

Here is a maxscript that reads a .ply file and creates a mesh for it (note that for big meshes this is very. very slow).


6 votes

"Script for importing Autodesk .3DS files. The 3DS file format is one of the most widely used for 3D models - so you'll have no trouble finding modelling programs and utilities that can export to it. It's never been easier to get your models into gmax! Imports full geometry - materials with textures - keyframed animations - model hierarchies - lights - and smoothing groups


9 votes

This script is designed to assist in exporting character animations for games. The basis of this script is that it creates a note track for the rootnode. Note keys for this track will determine the START and END of your designated (named animation). You can quickly go to each named animation via the dropdown list. Export Int will export the current named Animation.

ArchiCAD import wizard

14 votes

ArchiCAD import wizard takes care of your exported ArchiCADâ„¢ geometry. it allows filtering out unwanted objects and cleans up the geometry by welding overlapping vertices - without affecting the shape - or degrading detail quality. it also creates a named selection set for every import step - allowing better scene management.


6 votes

Allows you to archive your VIZ file and all textures needed. Works similar to File/Archive - which is not working in VIZ R3.


4 votes

3DS ASCII file import - fixed some bugs - implemented Batch-Import - autosaving to MAX file - Material support... Not encrypted anymore

Backup save script

9 votes

Everytime you save a max scene - this copies the same file in backup directory with incrementing sequence number (adds itself as a post-save callback)

Batch Exporter

12 votes

This script export all max files included in a directory and all its sub-directories to a file format choosen by the user.

Batcher Utility

2 votes

"Script written for batch processing Max files. It allows you to apply any number of macro scripts to a whole list of files. If your have a list of operations that can be scripted and executed without user input - this is a wonderful tool to apply such scripts to many files."


10 votes

Imports all the known local formats from any folder to your current scene. To use just select a folder - if it's importable it imports it...

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