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Wall Worm Model Tools

59 votes

 A Hammer User's Guide to 3ds Max Wall Worm is the complete Source Engine Pipeline. With extensive exporters, importers, model, material and level design tools, Wall Worm makes working with the Source Engine fun.

Key Features

    PLY Export

    10 votes

    Export utility for exporting editable meshes to .PLY ASCII or Binary format with support for vertex colors.

    Merge by selection set

    3 votes

    "This script has two functions:

  • one is a new merge dialog that allows you to merge by selection set. It does miss some features of the max merge - see interface snapshot.
  • incrementalSave

    57 votes

    This macroscript is a replacement for the save function. It saves incremental file versions while keeping the name of the latest - most-up-to-date version always the same as the original file. This is good for XRef'ing because the filename does not change. Just add it to your File menu and/or define Ctrl+S as shortcut.
    New: Old file versions will now be saved to a subdirectory
    v0.61 update: Bug fix to handle non-standard number prefixes; small improvements to the UI and error messages

    DWG Cleanup

    20 votes

    A one-click solution to cleaning up the mess the new DWG importer leaves behind for those not using DWG linking workflows.


    21 votes

    This script was written by Larry Minton. It was originally called LoadAndSaveAll.ms.

    I simply have made A FEW modifications to process .stl files.
    The script imports all .stl files found in a given directory (and sub-directories, if desired), then saves them out as a .max of the root same name to the same source directory.
    The import uses the most recent settings.

    Multi Map Loader

    38 votes

    Loads multiple files from a folder into your choice of available materials & maps. Then puts the new created materials to the material library.


    Version 2.1 updates:

    Keens Batch Exporter

    22 votes

    Batch export all objects in your scene as separate files to any file type 3ds max supports.
    -Exported files use the object names in the scene.
    -option to export files using their indivdual pivots as the scene origen(center objects to 0 -0 -0).
    -export all objects - only selected/deselected objects.
    -Asign prefixes to file names at export.

    Quake III MD3 Importer Public Beta

    6 votes

    Loads animations. tags. skin files and more. (Max 4.2 compatible)

    .ply file importer

    9 votes

    Here is a maxscript that reads a .ply file and creates a mesh for it (note that for big meshes this is very. very slow).

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