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My second script. The only thing it does is creating & setting one of those annoying skydomes from the old tutorials (still very usefull for people like me). I haven't seen other people skydome tutorials so i cant comment on them(though theirs are probably better than this one) - but i like mine it saves me some time - and hopefully yours too.



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Creates a VRay Light Select Element for each light in your scene.

Elements are named with prefix of the nameTag variable. You can change this variable if necessary for your pipeline. To do so you will need to open the script and modify the variable within the struct.

Default nameTag = "lgt_"


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A normal dome light - as in the stuff we use to fake GI - but it doesn't create the lights until you hit render - then cleans up afterwards - so it's a bit neater. Besides that - I've added in some pretend HDRI stuff - as in the stuff outlined by Paul Debevek and seen in the short Fiat Lux at Siggraph.

Include/Exclude Selected Objects From Lights

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Include/Exclude Selected Objects From Light

1. Select objects
2. Run Script
3. Select lights you wish the objects to be exclude/included from
4. Right click when finished

Script Features:
-Applies selected objects to chosen light's exclude/include list
-Automatically deselects invalid objects
-Prints list of chosen lights

Let me know if anything can be improved or cleaned up!


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Allows you to include or exclude a selection of objects with a selection of lights. All using only one selection! You also have the option to add or subtract to the list selection as well as create a new one.

Intensity Shifter

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Simple little macroscript that shifts your light multiplier up a specified percentage


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Works only (for now) with VrayLight Type:Plane.
Set the Vraylight half-length and half-width of the plane and the multiplier will be set automaticly to preserve the VrayLight intensity.

Light Color Manipulator

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"This is in response to a wishlist item that the wirecolor of lights should reflect the light's actual color. This isn't quite that. but does show the color and multiplier of selected lights in the viewport when manipulate mode is on. It's not exactly a manipulator as you can't change anything with it. but it's written as one.

Light Converter

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Will convert any number of selected lights to a different type.

Light Enhancer

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Simple util that creates visual helpers linked to your lights that mirror the colour of the light in both wireframe and material colour. Cap of helper indicates multiplier.

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