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VRay Light Lister

76 votes

This script replaces the built-in light lister with one that incorporates support for VRay Lights and VRay Suns.

Light Lister for V-Ray Advanced 1.50 SP2-SP4a (3dsMax2008-2010 x32/x64)

103 votes

This macroscript replaces the built-in light lister with one that incorporates support for lights from V-Ray Advanced 1.50 SP2,SP3 and SP4a

Add support lights:
- VRayLight, VRaySun, VRayIES and VRayAmbientLight(SP4a).

Add support shadows type:
- VRayShadow and VRayShadowMap

Other additions:
- add button for pick ies file in photometric lights (if distribution as web)


28 votes

This script generates a geosphere with lights on its vertices. The lights can be coloured using a bitmap. The settings let you create a lightdome that simulates complex environment light.


32 votes

Lister for Vray Lights. I use this script permanently. Extremely comfortable for controlling VrayLights present in the scene. You can find the script in "IllusionBoxStudio" category (Customize/Customize User Interface/IllusionBoxStudio)


43 votes

LightRigger is a free Maxscript-based, draft-quality Global Illumination lighting system for the 3ds max Default Scanline Renderer.  It is based on the well known "old-school" principle of a light dome, but LightRigger takes the concept much further.


15 votes

A normal dome light - as in the stuff we use to fake GI - but it doesn't create the lights until you hit render - then cleans up afterwards - so it's a bit neater. Besides that - I've added in some pretend HDRI stuff - as in the stuff outlined by Paul Debevek and seen in the short Fiat Lux at Siggraph.

E-Light ME

8 votes

A modified (by permission) E-Light... Addes some useful features...


10 votes

Creates complex light animations which would be laborious to do by hand. Lightning - flickering lights - fluorescent lights turning on - strobe lights - pulses of light. This does it all.

Quick Include/Exclude Lights

30 votes


Select your objects and lights, choose I/E ops and check "Transfer..."
(if you like) to move existing obj(s) into the new I/E List.
Works on all geometry + renderable shapes (as original I/E feature designed).

Random lights

1 vote

Simple script for randomizing selected lights intensity temperature and delete percentage of lights.

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