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Looking for 3d MAX scripter

ArchiCGI is looking for a talented Middle/Senior Maxscript Developer for remote work.
The main goal is to port a working CRM into the 3DSmax. This 3DSmax Plugin should be online and connected with our CRM all the time.
I am ready to discuss all the details in private messages. Thanks for attention.

Programmer for scripts 3D Max or Maya, you should speak RUSSIAN language!!!


I am looking for a programmer who can write scripts for 3D Max or Maya,
he should speak Russian and have mathematical background.

Please Send me Email so we can speak about Jobs


Maksym Khirnyy

Looking for Script freelancer for importing 3D models to 3DS Max

Indie-game devs team is looking for a script freelancer who would be able to develop a custom script for importing modified 3D model files to 3DS Max from Cryengine. All necessery files and information will be provided. Financial award is promised, of course.
If interested - contact me with PM's or on my Email: [email protected]

3d MAX scripter for Connecter project


Design Connected is looking for talented Max scripters to join the team behind Connecter - our popular free digital assets manager for 3d artists:
If you have a positive attitude about writing well-structured, reliable and maintainable code and possibly a good practical knowledge about 3ds Max workflows, Vray and other renderers, materials and assets, different file formats, etc., drop us a line and let's discuss the options to work together.
We have open positions for full-time in house as well as part-time distance work.

3ds Max Trainer

Babane Spot is a training center based at Malakoff (close to Paris).
To develop our activities we are looking for a 3DS Max Freelance trainer

For more informations and to contact us click on the link below :


Babane Spot -
Studio and Training center

anyone teaching maxscript online

hi anyone taeching maxscript online? please pm me your price, thank you.

Creating an ASCII Text file for ArcGIS from existing Terrain

What I need is a MAXScript that will sample an existing terrain on a grid

that is n columns by n rows with a specified interval for each. For

example: 10 columns by 10 rows with 10m between each column and 10m

between each row.

All the script needs to do is start with a point in the upper left hand

corner of the array, project a test ray in the negative Z direction, once

that ray intersects with the terrain below write that elevation along

with the point number to a .txt file and then move the point to the next

>> 14 Years of 3dsmax - Maxscript Freelancer looking for Jobs


Hi there!

Hope you are looking for a talented person that can solve you maxscript challenge! Don't worry, you in the right spot.

Just drop me a mail on martinandersen3d mailA gmail.com with the details.

Looking forward to hear from you ;)

Martin Andersen


New materials from names


So I've tried to find some script that would help me with some problem and I do not think that exists. After that had an idea to maybe do it on my own, cause from idea perspective is simple, but I am such retard in the matter of programming, that I give up. Anyone is able to help with it? And how much it will cost? As I understand it should be fairly simple for someone who knows MS...

What the problem is:
For each selected mesh create new basic material named the same as the mesh and assign this material to correspond mesh.

Best Regards!

Looking For 3D Modeling Artist at ThePro3DStudio

Job Responsibilities

  • Creating photorealistic 3D models.
  • Work closely with the team of modeling and texturing.
  • Will be responsible for creating low poly & high poly models.
  • Ability to visualize model dimensions and proportions.
  • Should have detailed UV unwrapping knowledge.
  • Should produce high quality work within agreed timeframes.
  • Ability to communicate and work as a good team player.
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